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Natural Patterns

Article by Rod Bradley
Jan 17, 2013

The natural pattern of linking is based on a mathematical function known as the set theory. Set theory describes some very intuitive and fundamental ideas about how items or objects fit together in a group. Set theory is based on the function that all sets of items or objects are part of a larger set of those same items or objects known as supersets. These items or objects have exactly the same distribution as the items or objects in the larger set. This is a very important mathematical function. It is used in many different walks of life, from complex algorithms to music. An example might be that all animals such as humans, bears, pigs, cows, and fish are part of the larger or superset of terrestrial mammals.

The major search engine Google uses set theory when analyzing the links that sites have. PRs (page rankings) are divided numerically between Null and 10. The higher the PR the better, and for that reason there are very few web pages that have a PR of 10. However, there are literally billions of web pages that have a PR of 0 (zero) or Null. The numbers of web pages decreases somewhat exponentially as the PR increases from Null to 10. Therefore, when Google' algorithm sees a group of 10 links, they expect to see a subset of their PR superset. This is known as the natural pattern of links. After all, you wouldn't expect to walk onto a car dealer's lot and expect to see all of the same kind of cars all painted the same color. Similarly, you wouldn't walk into a forest and expect to see all of the same kind of trees that were all the same size.

Usually, most of the major search engines will penalize your web page if they don't fit this natural pattern of inbound links. Although there are many SEO companies who will try to acquire links for you that are all on the upper end of the PR scale, Google will usually demotes these because they believe they are being scammed and probably are. Regardless, if it's a matter of naivety or intentional scamming, these SEO companies aren't doing you any favors by acquiring links that don't fit the natural pattern of PageRank distribution. At LinkHelpers, we know better.

We will acquire links to your website that will fit the natural pattern of PageRank distribution. This will help to ensure that your website will be ranked at the top of the major search engines. A large part of the reason for this is that we use the natural pattern of linking to your advantage. It is extremely important that your links look natural to Google. LinkHelpers will make sure of that. You shouldn't be fooled by SEO companies who promise that your website will be ranked at the top of the major search engines and then fail to use the natural pattern of link management.

LinkHelpers will provide links to your website that absolutely get your website to the top of the search engine rankings. We don't use shortcuts, we acquire your links the way Google and the other major search engines expect to see them.

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