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Penguin Recovery Service

Recover Your Google Ranking with Our Penguin 2.1 Recovery Service

You found this page because it satisfies the current Google guidelines for content and link quality.

You recently discovered that Google's new Penguin 2.1 update caused your website to get nuked. Now what?

It is vital that you immediately take steps to get your site back to page one because Penguin 2.1 recovery success will take time, and every second you waste represents lost revenue. You obviously understand the stakes and that's why you're here, so let's try to understand not only WHY your ranking has suffered, but HOW we can fix it.

Google Changed the Rules

This might seem obvious, but it's important to understand how Penguin 2.1 changed the rules if we are going to satisfy the new guidelines. Make no mistake – satisfying Google's quality guidelines is what this is all about. While the Penguin 2.1 update is allegedly designed to prevent the spamming of Google, it's important to remember that just because you are trying to satisfy the guidelines Google has set forth does not mean you are "spamming."

Indeed, Google's motivations with the Penguin 2.1 update are open to some conjecture. It has become apparent over the last 10 years that we've been in the SEO game that these "updates" come in the month of October, right when it's most important to pump up year-end earnings with Pay-Per-Click revenue.

Regardless of Google's motivations, the fact remains that the Penguin 2.1 update has crippled numerous businesses, and left webmasters scratching their heads when it comes to answering the recovery question.

Worse, the results pages are now cluttered with large mainstream directories, making the search results less useful to the customers that rely on Google to find good and services. This will drive users to use the Pay-Per-Click results. So where does that leave your business?

Penguin 2.1 Recovery Success

The most important thing to understand is that Penguin is NOT A PENALTY. It is an ALGORITHMIC DEMOTION. Remove the markers causing the demotion results in immediate recovery on the next Penguin Data Refresh. How often are the data refreshes? Google says "regularly." What that means is; NO ONE knows. So, getting your ducks lined up in anticipation of the next push is imperative.

How Our Penguin 2.1 Recovery Service Works

You might feel like you're in a desperate situation, but you must understand that Penguin 2.1 recovery success won't come overnight. While we can't get you back to page one immediately, our service is an already proven winner and we can implement it on your behalf immediately. If all goes well, we will restore most of your previous rankings in about 2 to 3 months, and some of our clients are even seeing better ranking results after the Penguin 2.1 update.

The 4 Phased Penguin 2.1 Recovery Service

Phase 1 Link Source Diversity - Link Clean Up By Keyword
Penguin is an algorithmic demotion by keyword. If you have a lot of links for the same keyword from a few domains, you are more than likely demoted. The severity will depend on Phase 2. The common markers are site-wide links, links from "spammy" directories, and aggressive link building in blog comments and/or forum signatures using the same keyword phrases. The key to this part of the cleanup Phase is to improve the diversity of the link sources and not have a large portion of the links coming from a few domains.
Phase 2 Phrase Link Diversity - Diversify Anchor Links with Money Terms
The goal of this Phase is to increase the number of keyword phrase links you have so that it increases the diversity of your money keyword phrases. We basically have to get you new "long-tail" links with the money keywords nested. The more diverse the phrases the more stable your site will be in the search results. How involved this Phase is, will depend on your existing keyword diversity.
Phase 3 Re-Optimize Your Pages
We have done statistical studies on how Google determines relevance. This is a logarithmic formula and is very accurate. We need to re-write your content and fix all the important HTML Tags; Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords (yes these count), H1 to H6. Additionally, we need to optimize both your word and phrase densities based on this logarithmic formula.
Phase 4 Pass CopyScape for Duplicate Content
We want to be sure that the content on your page is unique. If it is original content, then we need to do DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Takedowns of pages that plagiarize your content.

Some Very Important Things to Know:

Demotions are Keyword Specific
This is one of the most painful aspects of the Penguin 2.1 update. The search terms (keywords) you rely upon, and you've optimized for, are demoted if you do not have enough diversity in your back-link portfolio for each given keyword. If large quantities of links are coming from one domain (or a few domains), that keyword will be immediately demoted by Google. A demotion can mean being nuked completely for that keyword phrase.

Our research indicates that it is ideal to have less than 10 links per domain, with one being the ideal, albeit an unrealistic goal. So the key to this dilemma can be summed up with three words that we've been preaching for years – LINK SOURCE DIVERSITY. We need to bring the diversity index of your link sources for each keyword with in specific tolerances. Correcting the algorithmic demotion markers results in almost immediate success on the next Penguin Data Refresh. What takes time is removing the algorithmic markers causing the demotion.
Demotions are Removed on Pengiun Refreshes
There is a lot of data from the Penguin 1.0 and 2.0 updates. The common thread being that penalties are removed when the algorithm is refreshed. What this means is we need to get your ducks in a row anticipating this.

As per John Mueller of Google
"if a site is affected by a specific algorithm, then the data for that algorithm needs to be updated before it would see changes...so I'd recommend working to take a very good look at the issues you've run across, and working to make very significant improvements that will be more than enough."
What is "more than enough?" New content. Lots of it, for the very keywords you were demoted for.
Google Webmaster Tools Show an Incomplete Picture
You might be thinking, "All I have to do is use Google Webmaster Tools to find the problem domains and then disavow the links from the domains that are causing me problems. Then everything will go back to normal." If Google's webmaster tools worked as advertised then you would be right, but those that have tried this method find that the problem still persists. Why?

For whatever reason, the Google Webmaster Tools do not show the whole picture. To get a look at the whole picture, we use proprietary tools to uncover the ENTIRE PICTURE, for every single keyword that is important to your business. When we find a domain with an overabundance of back-links for a specific keyword phrase, we send them an email asking them to remove the links. If this is unproductive, we DISAVOW them. This will remove the algorithmic demotion.

Additionally, identifying "spammy" sites is like asking someone to name the stars in the night sky. Having done this hundreds of times, we know the "spammy" sites. Removing the wrong links can actually hurt your rankings. Let us take the guess work away from you and do this with a fine scalpel.

This sounds simple, but because every keyword must be addressed individually this process is tedious and time-consuming. This is why we can't guarantee Penguin 2.1 recovery success overnight, but we can guarantee that we will get you back to favorable organic rankings in due time if you act now and call for a consultation.
Link Clean Up and Disavowal of Links
Contrary to the initial information provided by Google that Link Clean-up and Disavowing is automatic, new information provided by John Mueller, is that this can actually take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

These links need to be recrawled and re-indexed. Disavowed links are treated as no follows and this has to be done by the Penguin algorithm on its next data push. It is important to know this and not have un-realistic expectations. The key is to begin work ASAP so as many offending links can be removed AND disavowed.
Don't Re-Penalize Yourself
Many of the suggested methods include, guest blogging, article syndication and the like. These are Panda Penalties waiting to happen. Google does Panda refreshes every month. Don't make a bad situation worse!

STOP any link programs you have going immediately! If it is not done right, you are only digging a deeper hole.

Be careful of what you read. There are a lot of people guessing. We used mathematical models to figure this out. The data shows the truth.
If You Have a Manual Action
This is a severe penalty. The link clean-up on this will have to be harsh. This will require removing almost ALL your links to remove the penalty for specific keywords.

The other alternative is to go for different keywords. There are many strategies that can be explored. Call us and let's discuss your opportunities.

How do I Get Started?

Our competitive rates are dependent on the size of your link portfolio, current anchor keyword diversity and the number of pages you want restored. This is done over a 3 month timeframe. Simply fill out our form or give us a call at (253) 852-0059.

In the meantime, it's vital that you maintain a presence on Google via Maps/Places, if you have one. Or have us add one for you if you don't. This is another area where we can help you succeed while we get your organic rankings back where it should be.

Recovery Service www.beefjerky.com hq@beefjerky.com
Call us now. Don't waste another minute. When the dust settles make sure your business is at the top of the heap instead of the bottom. We can help you get back where you belong.

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