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SEO Backlinks

In the world of SEO (search engine optimization), there are good back linking practices and there are bad back linking practices. Being able to discern the difference between the two often will ultimately determine the effectiveness of your link building strategy.

How can you determine the effectiveness of your SEO backlinks?

There is no one simple answer to this question, but there is a clear link building path that will ultimately rank your website at or near the top of the search engine results page. As you read this page, we ask that you forget everything you know about link building, because it’s likely you’re going to receive some information that runs counter to what you’ve heard. However, our link building service has been in business longer than Google itself, and our proven SEO strategy has evolved along with our company.

SEO Backlinks – Link Building Service

  • SEO Backlinks must come from variety of diverse domains
  • The most trustworthy sources for backlinks come from domains that are unbiased, or unrelated.
  • These unrelated links have nothing to gain by linking to your website, which means they are not professionals in your industry and are actually more authoritative
  • LinkHelpers is a link building service with a proven track record, and we urge you to check out our reviews
  • Contact our link building service today and make SEO backlinks work for your business

Are you getting the most out of your link building strategy? If your website isn’t generating quality leads and revenue, then it’s time to reconsider your approach to SEO. Backlinks are the most misunderstood element of SEO, and it’s likely because many business owners believe the rampant misinformation available on the internet.

LinkHelpers is a link building company that helps clients generate maximum revenue from their website by employing an SEO strategy firmly focused on backlinks, keyword optimization, and content building. SEO Backlinks are the backbone of this process, and your overall success will hinge on the quality and distribution of your backlinks.

Our link building service will customize an SEO strategy around your unique needs, so contact us today to get started.

SEO backlinks – identifying a trustworthy authority

Have you ever heard a link building company say that you need “quality” backlinks to be successful with SEO? You can’t really argue with a statement this vague, because most people fail to define what “quality” actually means. Let’s explore this concept.

Many SEO experts agree that quality backlinks originate from domains belonging to a trusted authority on a given subject. So, if you own a fishing business, you would want backlinks from other vendors in the fishing industry. These could include other fishermen, bait stores, and tackle shops.

But let’s think about this for a minute. If you were asking your associates for a fishing charter recommendation, would you be more likely to trust a bait store who may have a stake in your choice, or a random person who has absolutely nothing to gain by answering your question honestly?

For an honest opinion, you would be far more likely to trust the person who has nothing to gain by giving you an honest answer. Google’s algorithms act much in the same way, so if you’re getting all of your backlinks from industry insiders, your SEO strategy will likely fail.

Obviously, the source of your SEO backlinks matter. If Google sees that all of your backlinks are coming from businesses within your industry, they are going to penalize your website accordingly. When you think about it, this makes sense, because why would your competition be eager to recommend you to their own customers if they have nothing to gain?

Indeed, your SEO backlinks need to come from a variety of sources, not just vendors within your industry. So, if you own a fishing charter business, you should have links from trustworthy sources, which are the people that would have used your services. This would include bankers, lawyers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and just about anyone else who enjoys fishing.

This same SEO concept applies to businesses in every industry. Our link building service will help you achieve a natural distribution of “quality” links, so that your website ranks as it should.

When it comes to backlinks, does size matter? Our link building company has the answer

Another common misconception is that SEO backlinks should only come from the biggest, most well known domains on the internet. Those who endorse this philosophy believe that bigger is better when it comes to backlinks, but does this ideology hold up under scrutiny?

Again, let’s use a real-world example. Say you ask 10 people for their opinion on the best mechanic in your area. One of those people is well known successful business owner, and the other 9 are employed in a variety of different industries. If the business owner recommended one mechanic 9 times, but the other 9 people all recommended a different mechanic, which would you choose?

Link Building Service

Obviously, you would listen to the overwhelming majority, even though the business owner was adamant in his selection. The diversity of the recommendations carries far more weight than one person’s dogmatic viewpoint.

Again, Google’s algorithms work much the same way in regards to backlinks. If all of your backlinks come from one domain, no matter how popular it may be, your SEO strategy is doomed to fail. Your backlinks must come from a diverse array of domains while mimicking a natural distribution between domains.

So, while our link building company recognizes that you need some backlinks from high profile domains, we also understand that you need many more from medium sized domains, and even more from small domains. Why? Because this reflects the natural distribution of websites on the internet where there are lots of smaller domains and few large ones.

Failure to mimic the natural order of SEO backlinks from a variety of domains as they organically appear on the internet will prevent your website from ranking. Our link building company understand this simple concept, and it’s why our clients rank at or near the top of Google’s search engine results page.

Why our SEO clients are generating income from their websites

At LinkHelpers, we help your business earn money by taking our time to create backlinks the right way. Many sites we built back in 1999 still rank at the top of the search engine results pages, proving that our approach to SEO and backlinks not only works, but withstands the test of time.

For an SEO strategy to work, backlinks must mimic the natural patters found on the worldwide web. Google uses a 10-point PageRank scale to calculate the popularity of every website on the web. Websites with low popularity, of which there are many, are given a zero ranking. The most popular websites, of which there are few, are given a ranking of 9. Every other websites falls somewhere along this scale according to its popularity.

Your SEO backlinks must reflect this natural order. If you have too many backlinks to popular sites, or too few from unpopular sites, Google will infer that you are trying to game the system. If this happens, nobody will be able to fine your site on the search engines and your business will flounder in obscurity. This is yet another reason why your choice of link building company truly matters.

Seeing the forest for the trees – a real-world SEO perspective on backlinks

Imagine you’re walking through the forest. What kinds of trees do you see? There are lots of small saplings only a few inches tall. There are fewer trees your own height, but still quite a few. As trees get larger there are fewer of them. And there may only be one or two trees that stand out from all the rest because of their gigantic size.

This seems normal because this is what you expect when you enter the woods. Now imagine you’re walking in the woods and all of the trees are exactly 7 feet tall. You would know immediately that this forest didn’t grow in a natural way.

Now imagine your SEO backlinks are like this imaginary forest. As long as the distribution of your backlinks comes from domains of all different sizes in accordance with their popularity, you don’t even ponder whether or not they are natural. However, if your backlinks all come from one domain, or similar domains, it’s obvious that they are entirely unnatural and cannot be trusted.

This is why “building” backlinks that fail to follow the web’s organic distribution will cause your SEO strategy to fail. Our link building company understands this concept, and we use it to generate backlinks that help your website maintain its high ranking.

Too many “quality” backlinks will lead to failure

In the rush to procure as many high profile popular backlinks as possible, many so-called SEO gurus suddenly discovered that you can have too much of a good thing. Unfortunately, it’s their clients who ultimately suffer from their failure to understand how Google’s search engine truly functions. It also causes business owners to distrust SEO in its entirety and seek other forms of website advertising like Pay Per Click ads.

Instead of throwing your money away on so-called “quality” backlinks from a link building company who can’t back up their claims, you should take the time investigate their track record. We invite you to check our reputation for yourself. Our link building company has helped some of the most recognizable names in business rank their website and keep it at the top of the listings for years on end.

Our SEO strategy is sound because we avoided all of the following failed philosophies regarding backlinks:

  • We rejected the StomperNet backlinks philosophy from the start because we knew it was doomed to fail
  • We rejected RSS feeds which were nothing more than garbage creating more garbage
  • We rejected blog roll networks, which were de-listed because Google recognized that they were nothing more than span generators

The unsuspecting business owners who followed the advice of those who sold them on these concepts lost money, and some even lost their business. Because they didn’t understand the difference between good and bad links, they called on us to help them remove so-called “quality” links for which they paid top dollar. in other words, they threw their money away on empty promises and failed experiments.

There is only one right way to handle SEO backlinks and we know how to do it

Backlinks are the foundation of SEO. Without a solid foundation your SEO strategy is doomed to fail. If you rely on your website to generate income, there is no room for error. Instead of taking chances just a save a few dollars, contact our link building company today and get the help you need to turn your website into an income-generating machine.

Your SEO strategy matters, and it must be based on a proven backlinks philosophy. We are leaders in the industry because we understand how the search engines utilize backlinks to rank web pages. Best of all, this philosophy is proven over time, so you can have confidence that your website will maintain its ranking, so that your business can remain profitable.

Whether you’re building a new website, or your current website is no longer ranking on Google, we can help. There is only one way to approach SEO and it revolves around backlinks, so contact one of our experts today and get started.