Site Authority

Article by Andrew Cremata
June 9, 2013

This is a relatively simple concept. Basically, a site’s authority is determined by its size. The bigger the site, the more authority it has on a given subject, according to Google. If you have a small website, it can be beneficial to create new and compelling content on a regular basis, so that its authority may increase.

This may seem unfair in that the little guy now does not have a fair playing field and the big guys with the money to generate content dominate the search results. We believe that the whole purpose of the web was to even the playing field. However, many unscrupulous folks have created scam and spam sites that have forced the search engine’s hand. As a result, larger sites tend to dominate the the playing field and evening your odds will come at a cost.

This process can be relatively simple, as ideas are easy to expand upon and web pages are easy to generate. However, this can be costly. Using our proprietary City Hub and Info Hub technologies, we can bulk up your site thematically.

For an upstart website, it may initially be difficult to garner a great deal of site authority, but with some hard work and perseverance, your website can expand as it becomes more relevant to users.