SEO Strategy

Article by Rod Bradley
Jan 20, 2013

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to have your website placed at the top of the results webpages by the search engines when a certain keyword is placed into the search engine. There are numerous SEO companies to select from. Here are some things to remember when trying to develop an SEO strategy on your own or when looking for SEO services.

There are two kinds of listings for search engines which are organic and those that are paid for, usually known as sponsored links.

Those listings that appear down the middle of the webpage are the organic search engine listings. SEO companies are dedicated to optimizing websites so that they will appear in the space for organic listings.

Some search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, and Google are driven by spiders otherwise known as crawlers or robots to score websites on the Internet. These spiders crawl over each website and score that webpages based on their relevancy. The placement or the score of a website within a search result is driven by algorithms determined by numerous variables such as website themes, the frequency and density of the keywords in the content of the webpage, the popularity of the page, and many others. In order to position your website well on the major search engines it is necessary to focus many criteria.

The most popular search engine is Google. The Google database is known for being able to find the most relevant information largely as a result of its current approximate four billion webpages that are indexed. Google find websites by indexing links whenever Google crawls the Internet. The search engines consider your content to be popular, the more other websites link to your website. It is important to acquire as many important websites to link to your website as possible. There are several different ways to do this. You can participate in link building, exchange links with industry related and business partner websites, submit to online directories, or hire experienced professionals like those at LinkHelpers to build you links for you as well as develop a successful SEO strategy for your website.

Text is the only kind of content that search engine spiders can crawl through. Search engines will use the content on a website to determine what the website is about, which will help determine how high to rank the website for certain keyword phrases when users type them into the search engines. This is the reason that when planning SEO strategy the research of keywords is necessary in order to obtain the natural search engine ranking. When planning SEO strategy, keyword research is the first thing on the list. .

When you are trying to achieve a top spot on the search engine results, it is important to know what kind of competition you are facing by knowing the number of people who are searching for your keyword phrases. Website analysis, link submissions, text writing and the research of keywords are all part of The SEO packages that are provided by LinkHelpers.

There are studies that have determined that a high ranking in search engines usually offer a more positive ROI (Return on Investment) when compared to more conventional types of advertising such as television and radio commercials and snail mail. The primary technique to achieving a top ten placement on the major search engines is SEO. You can learn more about the SEO process and discuss an SEO strategy for your website by contacting LinkHelpers today.