Link Diversity

Article by Andrew Cremata
June 9, 2013

Link diversity is a key element when ranking a website. A website must establish links from a variety of sources, organically mimicking how they should appear naturally. Conversely, if a website has too many links from one source, Google will interpret this as an attempt the “scam” the process and the website will be penalized.

If a website is to mimic the natural appearance of links on the web, then the links must be established with sites with different levels of PageRank, Domain Trust and Authority. Websites are ranked by Google based on several factors. Websites that are ranked highly are less numerous than those of low SEO metrics. Thus, if you only have links from sites with high PageRank, Google will penalize your site.

At LinkHelpers, we have developed proven strategies for creating diversified link portfolios that mimic the natural order of the world wide web. Without coherent link diversity, the SEO strategy will fail. Therefore, it is vital that measures be taken to ensure that link diversity is maintained when developing your SEO strategy, and maintained after its implementation.

Also, it is becoming more commonplace for businesses and disreputable SEO Companies to sabotage a competitor’s website by creating large amounts of links to one site. This results in Google punishing the website, causing them to drop from the top of the rankings. We go to great efforts to protect our clients from these devious tactics, ensuring that the diversity of their links are maintained.