Link Strategy

Article by Rod Bradley
Jan 17, 2013

Link building can be defined as working on any number of websites that have a link that leads to a webpage on your website. These links can be from articles, newsletters, the advertisements that you place, forums, directories, blogs, other websites or anywhere else that can be linked to your website. Links are used by people who are searching for something on the Internet. Therefore, the larger the number of links that you have on the Internet, the more opportunities you has for people to find your website.

However, there is more to having a successful link building strategy than simply placing a link anywhere on the Internet. It is also necessary to know what you are linking to. All of the major search engines carefully scrutinize the website where the link is originated from as well as the surrounding text. The websites that are related to the same niche/theme are much more valuable than a link from a completely different subject. For example, if your website sells things that are related to automobiles, a link on a women’s shoe website won’t benefit your website as much as a link from a website that sells automobile parts. The website that you link to needs to be related to your website. You will only be wasting your effort and time without a link building strategy in place by creating inappropriate links on the Internet. .

Building high quality links that target traffic of potential customers is the reason for creating a link building strategy. In addition, a good link building strategy will improve your online business’ reputation and increase the visibility of your website. One of the best ways to ensure a good link building strategy is to hire a professional link building company such as LinkHelpers.

We will do market research on your websites to determine the characteristics of your targeted audience and create a successful link building strategy. We will use scientific methods such as integral calculus and advanced econometric modeling to understand the algorithms that Google uses to rank your website. We also use other techniques such as the natural pattern of content, and PageRank strategy to make sure that your links produce positive results. A successful link building strategy will turn into numerous different links from people that you haven’t even thought about and don’t even know.

The link building strategy is determined by the way the links are obtained. Sometimes the content from your link building strategy will help to generate other links, such as when people easily find what they are looking for on the search engines and begin to share that on their own websites. The key here is integration and collaboration. This will help ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities for successful results. If all of this sounds confusing it is because it is a very complex subject. The best way to make sure that you have a successful link building strategy is to hire the professional, experienced, and expert link builders at LinkHelpers. We will make sure that your page ranking by the major search engines, such as Google, will improve as well as the reputation of your online business and your visibility on the Internet.