Original Content

Article by Rod Bradley
Jan 17, 2013

There are many different reasons that you shouldn’t duplicate your content. One of these reasons is that you run the risk if infringing on copyright laws if you duplicate content from another website without the consent of the author.

You should ensure that you contact the original author if you want to use content from another website to ask if you are permitted to use the content for your purposes. You should also ensure that you always provide your references and resources to the original writer. You can get into a considerable amount of trouble if you use copied content because the search engines will recognize it as duplicated content. This can be avoided if you obtain the rights to adjust your content or by altering the content of your text.

Many websites use duplicated content to obtain better results in the search engines. The major search engine Google built a duplicating filter in order to resolve this problem. This duplication filter removes these webpages from the search engines. This is another good reason that you shouldn’t use duplicated content. You can determine of other websites are using duplicate content by checking the content on DuplicateContent or Copyscape.

It is very important to use original content on your website. The reason for this is that search engines rank your website in accordance with the relevance of content on your website. You should also update the content on your website with more additional original content every so often. If you don’t update your content every so often, users will lose interest in your website. There are many different ways to keep your content of high quality and original. By providing information through RSS, or newsletters, you will keep your current customers interested in the goods or services that you are offering them in addition to attracting additional customers.

Just as important as writing your content, it is equally important to format your content properly. You should also remember that the more content that you put on your webpage, the more difficult for the readers to locate the information they are looking for.

A user will browse your webpage in only a few seconds to try to locate the information that he/she is looking for when he/she visits your webpage. You will improve your PageRank, which will ultimately improve the ranking of your website on the search engines when you keep the user on your web age.

Improving the readability of your content is one way to keep the user on your website. For instance, you might highlight the keywords, or most important words by italicizing, underlining, or bolding them. You can also improve the readability for search engines as well as for humans by dividing your text into paragraphs and other types of divisions and using subtitles and titles.

Since it will reduce the readability of your text, you shouldn’t overuse highlighting. It is important to maintain a good balance of all of these things for SEO reasons.