One Way Link Service

Article by Rod Bradley
June 10, 2013

Recently reciprocal link services have come under fire because some unscrupulous webmasters have started removing the links from other webmasters after the link exchange was agreed upon. As a result one way link services have flourished. However, not all one way link services are created equal.

High quality one way links need to be built around the principles of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Some of these SEO metrics include the selection of URLs, headings, keyword(s) or key phrases, title pages, and anchor text. These SEO elements are critical for one way links. However, it is no less critical to make sure that the one way link contains high quality, unique, informative, useful, interesting, and, most importantly, well written content. Content that is poorly written that has grammar or spelling mistakes can mean no results from that one way link.

In addition, the content in a one way link not only has to be high quality, but it also must be related to the online business’ website. Potential customers simply won’t click on a one way link that is totally unrelated to the website that they are currently visiting. It also helps the situation I this high quality, relative content is regularly changed to keep things interesting.

Most webmasters don’t have the time or the skill to build their own high quality one way links. These webmasters may be tempted to buy one way links online or obtain them from link farms. These are both really bad ideas. In neither case will the webmaster obtain a high quality one way link. Since the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo frown on webmasters buying one way links, the webmaster’s online business’ website may get penalized by one or more of the major search engines. There will be no improvement in the search engine rankings or any increase in website traffic from potential customers when the one way links are obtained from ether o these sources.

A much more productive option is to hire an SEO service company such as LinkHelpers to build high quality one way links. Buying one way links is simply a waste of time and money. We believe in providing our customers with the best possible link building service.

Every one way link that we provide to our customers is hand built by SEO experts, who will properly assembly all of the SEO sub-elements. We pay special attention to ensuring that the one way link will also have high quality content.

We believe that no potential customer will click on a one way link that doesn’t have high quality content. In addition, LinkHelpers believes that a high quality link must have content that is relevant. If the link doesn’t have content that is related to the online business’ website, potential customers won’t be interested in clicking on that one way link.

It takes experienced SEO professionals to build high quality links. LinkHelpers has what it takes to get results for any online business’ website, such as improved search engine rankings as well as increased website traffic by potential customers for that online business’ website.