SEO Backlinks and DIY Linkbuilding

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Where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is concerned, there is a considerable amount of information on the internet strategy that relays information on how to make these major search engines and their complex algorithms rank an online business website on the first page of the major search engines. Sometimes words such a Panda and Penguin, black hat, and white hat are used, which can be intimidating and extremely confusing for those online website business owners who aren’t familiar with SEO, in DIY (Do it yourself). However, reputable SEO companies, such as Linkhelpers, will focus on building backlinks, simplifying the SEO process, and helping the online business owner to develop a long-term and sustainable SEO program.

Building backlinks is a sustainable aspect of SEO. Backlinks are also what most online website business owners are confused and are most worried about. The rankings of online business websites’ can, and will, fluctuate greatly since the algorithms used by the major search engine change often. The reason for this is that the search engine’s algorithm determines the search engine results and the way that an online business website ranking is calculated. The usual cause of an online business website dropping suddenly to a later webpage is associated with poor quality backlinking. These poor-quality backlinks are sometimes known as black hat methods. This is what all online business website fear and with a multitude of SEO companies out there, it can be a daunting to know which one to trust with such an important task, if the online business website owner isn’t not fully informed on SEO backlinking.

It’s great if an SEO company explains that backlinks are a critical portion of improving the ranking of an online business website. However, those DIY linker’s online business website owners who don’t even know what backlinks, they can be completely in the dark. Basically, a backlink is an avenue that leads a potential customer to another, usually relatable website, and then to the first online business website. For instance, a particular online business website sells automotive parts, a back link from the Dupont Automotive Paint Company could be very valuable. The backlink would be created if the Dupont Automobile Paint Company mentioned the automobile parts online business social network/blog/website it would provide a way for the potential customers to reach the automobile parts online business website. However, it can sometimes be difficult to obtain sufficient backlinks from other online business websites to demonstrate to the major search engines that the automotive parts online business website should be ranked of the first webpage of the search engine.

With the exception of the major search engines, nobody knows the parameters that make up their algorithms. Linkhelpers has the experience to be able to rapidly identify trends.  Therefore, it is quite common for SEO companies and DIY link builders update and alter the way that they create backlinks. These backlinks can vary greatly. Usually, SEO companies will attempt to build backlinks by publishing content that inspires email bloggers/ social networkers/online business websites’ that have relative content.  While it is ill advised, some online business owners will actually pay for backlinks to be placed on relevant online business websites. Linkhelpers will advertise the online business website to the webmasters of websites that offer relative content. At Linkhelpers, the key element in our SEO, is the webmasters who want to link to the appropriate and relevant online business website. This is often known as the white hat SEO technique.

While it is true that the more backlinks that are built for a particular online business website, the higher the ranking on the major search engines, but the kind of backlinks are equally important to the ranking of the online business website by the major search engines. Backlinks that appear to be manipulated or spammy will be noted up by the major search engines and won’t be recognized. Usually, it is the novice backlink builder, or sometimes the online business website owner who provides most of the poor-quality backlinks. Although there might be numerous backlinks, some of these backlinks that the online website business owner built may be of poor quality, and after some initial increase in the major search engines rankings for a particular online business website, these high rankings will fluctuate and then rapidly diminish.

Even high-quality backlinks that are providing high rankings, this ranking can cause the ranking of a particular online business website will go down in ranking by with a change or update with of the algorithms. Sometimes, many online business website owners might also notice a fluctuation in their ranking. The creation of high quality and relative backlinks will provide higher ranking by the major search engines and will provide a higher ranking by the major search engines. In addition, the major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and especially Google are constantly changing their algorithms in an effort to improve the results of the search ranking.