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We’re a Mom & Pop shop. But don’t let that fool you. Our success track record spans 22 years. We have successfully ranked everything from fishing guide sites, all the way to Fortune 100 corporations with deadly accuracy. Our scientific approach to SEO is unique in the industry. SEO is not a “feel” it is about precision. It is very targeted, like a scalpel not a sledge hammer. We use our proprietary tool set, that we developed, to analyze what it takes to win.

At one point in time, we ran a 4,000 square foot office with 30 employees. Running this small team became the focus rather than keeping our eye on our core competence. Changing our structure has allowed us to get back to our roots. We helped our employees create their own companies and become our suppliers. With our energies refocused on what we do best, this has allowed us to grow and deliver a much better product and service. It has allowed us to create new technologies and dream of better ways to serve our growing clientele.

It is our belief that it is in our best benefit to ensure your success. And to that end, we will study the market and provide you with the precise metrics it takes to finesse your way to the top. Brute force SEO, Shotgun SEO, does not work. You don’t go into a dark barn and blast away hoping to only hit the rats. It is impossible to have a “feel.” We believe in hard cold numbers. Precision SEO requires a full understanding of the playing field, the odds and the exact requirements to win. We like to win. If you are reading this, you found us because we won. And we can help you win as well.

Steve Mapúa
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LinkedIn Steve’s Bio

Steve graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. In high school he studied Electronics and Computer programming. Growing up with a slide rule in one hand and a soldering iron on the other, he spent many hours solving complex mathematical problems. At 17 he wrote an Integral Calculus program even before taking formal calculus training. Yes, he is a geek with a heavy math bent.

Steve started building websites in 1995. Initially it was a trade to go fishing, since he couldn’t afford to indulge in his passion. He soon learned that building websites wasn’t enough. He had to figure out how to rank them in the search engines of the day. He basically started doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) long before there was a name for what he did. As time progressed, this grew into a business. It was small at first, but grew in leaps and bounds.

During this time, Steve juggled his job as a programmer at Washington Mutual Bank (WaMu) and doing SEO and web development on the side. His talents got noticed and he became the SEO Guru for the bank. When JP Morgan Chase bought WaMu, Steve knew he had a job months before his team was taken on. The SEO Steve did for Chase still stands today. Steve does SEO that stands the test of time.

Valerie Mapúa
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Email valerie@linkhelpers.org
LinkedIn Valerie’s Bio

Valerie graduated from Curtis High School in University Place Washington. She has always been athletic and is an all around sportswoman. In 1997 Valerie was crowned as Miss Tacoma, the Daffodil Queen. She worked dilligently to promote Tacoma as a world class city. She moved to Hawaii and became a trick water skier, training with the world renown Ken White. After sowing her wild oats, she returned to the mainland and began a 30 year sales career in plastics.

With her vast sales and marketing experience, Valerie is an indispensable partner. She quickly grasps your needs and can easily understand your market. With this indespensible talent, she can quickly hone in on your choice keywords and ideas to bring your dreams to fruition.

She fills in where Steve lacks. Her acute understanding of your needs helps us deliver a package tailored to your needs. Together, Steve and Val make a winning team playing for you.