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SEO Backlinks and Website Design

When an online business owner wants to find more potential customers, the best way to accomplish this to find a way to attract potential customers finding the online a particular website through the major search engines, such a Yahoo, Bing, and especially Google. There are many articles and experts who recommend that using backlinks to […]

SEO Backlinks-What are Backlinks

When an online business website is linked externally to another online business website, it is known as an external link or backlink. A backlink is an online reference that contains relative content that can be accessed by clicking a mouse. A back link will take the potential customer to a completely different website or webpage […]

SEO and DIY Link Building

Building links is still one of the most crucial factors for a successful SEO campaigns although there is a considerable amount of hype about social media and the changes in algorithms and how they affect rankings.  For those online business owners who can afford SEO campaign, Linkhelpers highly recommends the use of an external resource […]

SEO Backlinks and how they affect SEO

Where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is concerned, there is a considerable amount of information on the internet that relay information on how to make these major search engines and their complex algorithms rank an online business website on the first page of the major search engines. Sometimes words such a Panda and Penguin, black hat, […]