Linkbuilding Services and Content Writing Strategies

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Recently, link building has been under considerable scrutiny, between John Mueller’s recent comments that he would avoid building backlinks in general and the Penguin update by Google that changed how the major search engines ranks online business websites.

Many search engine marketeers are somewhat worried about the state of link building as a worthwhile strategy to pursue, as the result of John Mueller’s recent comments that he would avoid link Google’s Penguin update, which changed the way the search engine assesses offsite backlinks’.

There’s one crucial fact that must be considered above all others, which is that Google still depends on offsite backlinks to evaluate domain authority. This means although backlinks are evaluated more rigidly and they remain an important factor for any SEO campaign. Backlink building isn’t the problem. Rather it all comes down to the way they are built.

Online business owners will be penalized if they build backlinks with the only intent being to artificially increase the ranking. However, if the focus is on building backlinks with quality offsite content, the online business website will be able to take advantage of a large-scale offsite backlink building strategy without any repercussions.

The length of your backlink building content needs to be substantive, but not overly lengthy. Somewhere between 300 and 1,000 words is appropriate. The exact number of words will be determined by the content writer, the subject matter and its complexity.

The kind and number of backlinks that are included in the body of the content article will affect both how Google interprets and crawls the content article. Too many backlinks will possibly result in the content article being considered spam. Too few backlinks is a waste of time. In addition, the domain authority could suffer if there are too many of the same backlinks across multiple articles.

In addition, there’s no one rule that describes the best kind of backlinks to include in the content article. Linkhelpers will diversify the backlink strategy and vary the frequency of the backlinks from only a few backlinks to many backlinks and take advantage of using as many different backlinks as is reasonable. Usually, one backlink for every 300 words is about right. However, the online content writer needs to diversify regardless.

The most important factor is that regardless of anything else, the content article should be well-written. The unnatural use of language will be detected by Google’s search bots and the search engine will know if the content article has been outsourced developing countries. The content article needs to be double checked for grammatical errors, syntax, and spelling and the online content writer need to ensure that all the facts are both cited and accurate. The quality of the content article will be judged by Google even if the content article is offsite.

The backlink building content article publications should be spread out over a course of weeks or even months, consistently and regularly posting them to make sure of an even build. Usually, it isn’t very smart to post too many new backlinks at the same time. The number of backlinks and content articles that will be considered appropriate partially depends on the size of the organization. For a new online business, too many external backlinks too soon may seem inappropriate, although that same number for a long-established major corporation might seem appropriate.

Although usually, a content strategy is crucially important for the offsite strategy and can be seen as the onsite portion of any SEO campaign. After the process of syndicating publishing, and writing backlinked offsite content articles has been mastered, it will become easy to steadily increase the domain authority and not interfere with other efforts.

Linkhelpers offers a backlink building services that are ideally designed for SEO agencies who want to outsource part or all of their backlink building.

Link building requires the leverage of innovative tools, methods, and processes in addition to a considerable amount of manpower. SEO agencies can expand and serve more customers with increasing overhead costs by outsourcing their backlink building efforts.

However, no results can be expected to be achieved if content articles are created for content article’s sake. Every day, there are millions of blog posts are published. Therefore, content articles that gains worthwhile backlinks and stand out need to be created. The strategy now comes into play.

It is important to be strategic in order to earn the attention that is required for success because of the considerable amount of content that is published on the internet every day. Many brands believe that publishing numerous blog posts will result in increased potential customers visiting the online business website, higher search engine rankings, and additional backlinks.

However, SEO isn’t quite that easy. The backlinks need to be worthy in order to secure backlinks. There are many different elements other than backlinks and content articles that influence the rankings by the major search engines and smart, stainable strategy is required in order to build relevant traffic.