SEO Backlinks Facebook

Article by Rod Bradley
June 9, 2013

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) backlinks are links to an online business’s website from other websites. To the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo SEO backlinks are similar to votes. The higher the ranking by the major search engines the more backlinks to the online business’ website. Google has admitted to factoring backlinks from social media websites into their algorithms and the highest ranked website in the world is Facebook. However, not all SEO backlinks to Facebook are the same. Done correctly, SEO backlinks to Facebook can improve the search engine rankings as well as improve the website by potential customers for the online business’ website. Done incorrectly, they will only provide disappointing results.

Basically, the major search engines such as Google consider Facebook to be an indicator of user engagement and trust. The more active users relate to social media and the online business’ website the greater that chance that the website will be highly ranked by the major search engines. However, there are three very important metrics that have to be considered which are backlink velocity, backlink quantity, and backlink quality.

An SEO marketing campaign can be broken or made by the velocity of the backlinks coming into the online business’ website. As long as they are from legitimate sources, the faster the backlinks come in, the better.

While the number of backlinks coming into the online business’ website isn’t anywhere near as important as the quality of those backlinks, the quality of backlinks coming in is still a very important metric. Provide they are from quality sources, the more backlinks coming in the better.

Those backlinks that are trafficked rather heavily by high authority websites and are highly relevant are considered quality backlinks and the highest ranked. This is considered the most important metric.

The best way to ensure that theses metrics are incorporated into the backlinks is to hire an SEO service company such as LinkHelpers to build high SEO backlinks on Facebook. We believe in providing our customers with the best possible link building service.

Every SEO backlink on Facebook that we provide to our customers is hand built by SEO experts, who will properly assembly all of the SEO sub-elements. We pay special attention to ensuring that the SEO backlink on Facebook will also have high quality content.

We believe that no one will click on a SEO backlink on Facebook that doesn’t have high quality content. In addition, LinkHelpers believes that a high quality SEO backlink of Facebook must also have content that is relevant. If the link doesn’t have content that is relevant to the online business’ website, potential customers simply won’t be interested in clicking on that link.

It takes experienced SEO professionals to build high quality SEO backlinks on Facebook. LinkHelpers has what it takes to get results for any online business’ website, such as improved search engine rankings as well as increased website traffic by potential customers for that online business’ website as a result of our SEO backlinks on Facebook.