LinkHelpers Spam. The Truth and the Myth

Article by Rod Bradley
June 6, 2013

For unsuspecting webmasters, there are several types of link spam available online. What it takes to build a high quality link seems to elude some of the unscrupulous companies online that will provide what they advertise high quality links. There are also other types of link spam that also won’t produce any tangible results.

Recently, link exchanges have seen their share of problems, while they are very popular. Apparently, there are some unscrupulous webmasters online who have begun to remove the link once the link exchange has been agreed upon. These methods of building links have proven to be ineffective because they don’t increase the website traffic by potential customers or show any improvement in the search engine rankings or the online business’ website.

One type of link spam can usually be obtained from link farms. While many of these link farms will advertise a high PageRank, there isn’t any way to know when that PageRank was effective. By the time the link is placed in an online business’ website it might not even be ranked at all.

Those online companies that sell links are also responsible for a considerable amount of link spam. Generally most of these online companies don’t seem to realize that it takes a considerable amount of professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expertise to build a high quality link. They also don’t seem to understand that high quality unique, interesting, informative, and useful content is necessary in order to develop a high quality link. They also don’t seem to understand that the link content has to be relative. There is no reason for potential customers to click on a link that contains non-relative content. Also, when the major search engines, such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google in particular, determine that the links are being purchased, they might well penalize the webmaster’s online business’ website.

Another alternative to building links is to hire a link building service such as LinkHelpers. For those webmasters who simply don’t have the time or the necessary skill this may be their best option. LinkHelpers understands that the best way to build high quality links through SEO techniques, relevancy and high quality, useful content. We also understand that there are many sub-elements within SEO, including the selection of anchor text, headings, URL, keyword(s), and title page. All of these elements must be considered when building a high quality link. We have SEO professionals who will ensure that all of the criteria for SEO are met for all of our customer’s links to make sure that there is an improvement in the search engine rankings as well as an increase in website traffic.

We also understand that relevance is another very important element that has to be considered when building a high quality link. Potential customers will never see the link if they don’t visit the non-relevant website. Therefore, we only build links that are relevant to the customer’s online business’ website niche.

LinkHelpers also believes that high quality, useful and relevant content is equally important for a high quality link. Potential customers will not take the time to read something that they are simply not interested in.