Link Directories

Article by Rod Bradley
June 16, 2013

Link directories are online directories that specialize in linking one website to other websites. Much the same as everything else in life, not all link directories are created equal. Trying to develop links using link directories can be a risky business. There are simply too many unknowns. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort by some very talented people to develop a high quality link that will produce significant results such as an improvement in the search engine rankings of the online business �website and an increase in website traffic by potential customers.

There is absolutely no way of knowing if the links provided by link directories were built in accordance with all of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles, such as the selection of URLs, headings, title pages, and keyword(s). The major search engines, such as Yahoo, Bing, and especially Google have become increasingly discriminating and complicated as the result of the ever increasing competition among businesses online. Failure to follow the SEO principles can make any link lees than effective.

Another unknown is if the links provided by link directories contain high quality content that is unique, informative, interesting, and above all, relative. The major search engines have becoming so discriminating that even small errors in grammar and spelling can also make the link lee than effective. It is also critically important that the links provided by link directories be relative to the online business’ website. Potential customers aren’t likely to click on a link if that link has nothing to do with the website that they are interested in looking for information on.

While the link directories may provide the PageRank for the link, there is no way of knowing when that PageRank was in effect. By the time the link is used it may not even be ranked any longer. All of these things are critical in building a high quality link.

Rather than using link directories to provide a link of unknown quality, a much better option is to hire a reputable SEO service company such as LinkHelpers. This is especially useful for webmasters who don’t have the time to the skill to build their own links. It takes a considerable amount of hard work by SEO experts to build a high quality link to ensure that all of the SEO sub-elements are properly attended to. In addition, it takes researchers to determine which links are relative to the online business’ website. We also have highly qualified writers to ensure that each and every link contains high quality and useful content. We hand select all of the websites where a customers’ one way link will appear.

LinkHelpers believes that high quality, useful and relevant content, and following SEO techniques are equally important for a high quality link. In addition, we don’t believe that there are any shortcuts available to building high quality links. While it is true that having handmade links is more expensive than buying one way text links, our customers will see results.

Our team of experience professional SEO experts, highly qualified researchers, and staff of professional writers at LinkHelpers make sure that our customers enjoy a significant improvement in the search engine rankings as well as an increase in website traffic by potential customers for their online business’ website by building high quality links.