Link Building and One-Way Links

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As the result of the current trend to penalize reciprocal article writing campaigns, blog networks and spam directories link popularity that are self-serving, the popularity of building backlinks has decreased significantly. However, it is still possible to increase backlink popularity by joining the original one-way links program on the internet. All of the online business websites that are in this campaign are legitimate. They include hard-working online businesses who want to improve their link popularity at the major search engines, such as Yahoo, Bing, and especially Google. These links are overwhelmingly online business to another online business links.

Link popularity is a way to promote the search engine rankings of online business website. This is determined by the quality and number of external incoming links coming to a particular online business website. External incoming links are links on other online business websites that point to another online business website.

The reason that the major search engines consider the popularity of links important is because they take notice of  backlinks from other online business websites to another online business website as a type of guarantee or recommendation of the worth of a particular online business website.

The reason the link popularity became a ranking factor is because so many webmasters were using spamming methods to position their online business website higher in the search engine rankings. The search engines began using the popularity of links as a way to dampen that impact. Allocating a value for link popularity to an online business website based on number of incoming quality links that pointing to it was determined to be an effective way to determine whether a particular online business website had useful content or not because if other people believe that it is useful then it must be.

Obviously, this hasn’t reduced the number of people from finding methods to inflate their link popularity artificially in order to exploit the ranking factor by the major search engines. Of course, the major search engines have attempted reduce the impact of such spam linking by making adjustments to their algorithm. Although, only the worst spamming behavior will result in penalties that are specific to a particular online business website, Webmasters are always worrying about the possibility of receiving penalties. Everything else is taken care of through the Google algorithm which will reduce the effect of any activity that appears to be spam.

The second part of the two-part Google algorithm is PageRank. The first part is the ranking criteria including the standard optimization variables, such as the position of a keyword, metatags, and the title tag. The second part includes elements such as like link popularity that includes:

* The Anchor Tag Text that contains keywords.

* Where the backlinks came from, and especially the high PageRank web pages

* The number of relevant inbound links from other online business websites.

The fact is that if all else is equal or close to equal, the web page determined to have the best Page Rank will rank the highest. However, rather than discontinuing their dependence on link popularity as one of the most important ranking factors, Google would rather discourage link building, by penalizing bold, innovative and by not disclosing PR information.

So, PR remains largely important even if what you currently see on the PR toolbar is 8 months out of date. A webmaster starts with a SEO online business website but for some reason it isn’t making much money. There is fierce competition with SEO websites. It is a competition for quality, reputation, and information. In addition, it is a competition that holds on to the top spot for the given keywords. SEO link building service is the best option to get any online website generating the traffic from potential customers. Linkhelpers is a niche link building service that focuses only on SEO related online business websites and related subjects because we know how to achieve high rankings for a particular online business website.

Linkhelpers will build the foundation by determining what the online website needs and what it will actually provide. Once we have identified the best options for a link building for SEO online business website, we then focus on locating some other online business website that will make the best links for your online business website. We will ensure that each online business website link will complement the subject matter or services of your online business website. From there, we will create one-way links. Most of the one-way links that we create will dominate the home page of each online business website and are Google cached links. We don’t create article or directory backlinks. This entire process is done with the help of our professional team of specialists in link building. We assure all of our clients that all one-way links are done manually, which will minimize the possibility of rejection or even errors.