Buy One Way Links

Article by Rod Bradley
June 6, 2013

There really isn’t any difference in buying one way links from buying any other kind of link. It is all very risky business. The webmaster never knows, the quality, relevancy of the content, and, more importantly, doesn’t know if the proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods were followed, such as keyword(s), title page, anchor text, URL, and heading selection, when the links was built. The webmaster will usually know what the PageRank is, or was, but they will not know how long ago that PageRank was effective. By the time the webmaster buys the one way link it could have fallen off of the radar of the major search engines or worse yet, the website that the one way link came from may have even been penalized by the major search engines.

There is really no shortcut available for high quality one way links, as much as many webmasters would like to believe that there is. It takes a considerable amount of research and hard work to build a high quality one way link. Usually, buying one way links will not result in any improvement in an online business’ website search engine results or in an increase in website traffic by potential customers. After all, the ultimate purpose of a one way link is to convert potential customers into paying customers. In addition, the major search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google can almost always determine of one way links are purchased. When that happens an online business’ website can suffer severely as a result of being penalized by the major search engines.

A much more productive option is to hire an SEO service company such as LinkHelpers to build high quality one way links. Even if webmasters don’t make the mistake of placing a slew of one way links all from the same source on their online business’ website and then gets caught and penalized by the major search engines, they is still usually nothing to be gained. Buying one way links is simply a waste of time and money.

We believe in providing you with the best possible one way link building service. Every one way link that we provide is hand built by SEO experts, who will properly assembly all of the SEO sub-elements. We pay special attention to ensuring that the one way link will also have high quality content. We believe that no one will click on a one way link that doesn’t have high quality content. In addition, LinkHelpers believes that a high quality one way link must have content that is relevant. If the one way link doesn’t have content that is relevant to the online business’ website, nobody will be interested in clicking on that one way link.

It takes experienced SEO professionals to build high quality one way links. LinkHelpers has what it takes to get results for any online business’ website, such as improved search engine rankings as well as increased website traffic by potential customers for that online business’ website.