SEO Banklinks and Legitimacy

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A backlink is a link to an online business owner’s website, content or social websites when the brand of the online business website is mentioned by a third-party. The quality of these backlinks will depend on the domain authority of the referring website and how they are structured.

Legitimate backlinks remain the most effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) method to gain increased search engine traffic by potential customers and increase the search engine rankings of any online business website. Although many SEO experts espouse that the creation of great content is the best way to increase traffic by potential customers, the fact is that content alone rarely works. Good content should always be complemented by quality SEO backlinks.

Because legitimate backlinks are still the best way to rank high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), the next question is how to obtain legitimate backlinks without resorting to such black hat methods as purchasing back links?

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is basically a service that connects one content provider to an expert.  The reason for this is that usually, reporters will cite their sources, and if an online business owner becomes their source, that online business will almost certainly get a free backlink or a mention from a reputable online media website.

Another way to obtain a backlink is to search content using topic resources, link roundups and good articles on the topic and then suggest that particular online website to the author of the article. A few years ago, this technique was made very popular.

After the articles are located that complement the online business website, simply contact the author and suggest the original online business website. This can be accomplished by any method including a quick phone call, email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Online business owner can also become guest authors on several websites such as All Business, Forbes as well as one on popular blogs as well. However, it is important to stick to the relative niches. It is also important to write in their niche that are helpful to their potential customers.

After the appropriate blogs are located the next step is to contact the authors and ask to write for them. For those online business owners who have previously written other blogs, show those backlinks to the editors of blogs. When some appropriate pages are located, contact the webmaster or author and recommend the link to the online business website.

Answering Questions on Q&A websites might not necessarily result in high quality backlinks, the will be legitimate and decent. While some of these backlinks might be no-follow links, they will still have considerable impact on the overall SEO success and strategy of the online business website. With Yahoo Answers, the backlinks that are initially posted will be no-followed until a decent reputation is built and points are gained.

Before Quora was introduced, Yahoo Answers was the most popular Q&A website. Although at the time it was   useful, it still had some spam and some of the questions weren’t necessarily answered by experts. Regardless, Online business owners can start answering questions immediately. It is simply a matter of searching for niche topics that the online business owner can answer. However, outrageously old questions shouldn’t be answered unless they have not been answered to date.

One of the most popular and well-respected Q&A websites that usually has answers provided by experts in their respective niches is Quora and is much the same as Yahoo answers. The online business owners are experts in their niche, which is why they can answer any questions that the users might have. Register an account and fill out your profile completely and then search for topics that are in your niche that the online business can provide a good answer for.

With any Q&A website online business owners can search for broken links in your niche and recommend their back link as a replacement. This method will yield mixed results since it is usually not easy to find broken backlinks unless it is for a very popular niche.

When the online business owner finds some web pages that seem to be a good candidate for the online business owners’ website backlink, then next step is to contact the author or webmaster and suggest your backlink

For any Q&A websites the online business owners should register and contribute by providing answers to the questions that their users have. Some of the questions will be niche specific, and these questions should be left alone unless the online business owner is an expert in that niche.

Brand awareness is driven by public awareness in the socially connected world of today. Brand awareness is more important to online businesses and driven by public social media, content marketing, and relations.

Legitimate SEO backlinks can be located in numerous places. By performing proper SEO, the amount of traffic by potential customers will increase, sales will increase, and the online business owner’s revenue will also increase.