Link Building Services and Search Engines

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The process of obtaining hyperlinks from other online business websites is known as link building or building backlinks. A backlink is how potential customers navigate between web pages on the internet. These backlinks are used by the major search engines to crawl the internet. They will crawl between different online business websites as well as between the individual web pages of a particular online business website.

While there are various methods used for building backlinks, and vary in difficulty, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts tend to agree that building backlinks is one of their most difficult parts of their jobs. Most SEO experts spend most of their time trying to do it well. That is the reason that if online business owners can master the art of building high-quality backlinks it put you ahead of both the competition and other SEO backlink builders. Improving social metrics and backlinks are necessary for all online business websites who want to be competitive in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

While Google currently use over 200 metrics in their algorithm for ranking online business websites, Backlinks are still one of the most important metrics to maximize the visibility of any online business website.

Linkhelpers will help develop the content and marketing strategy to provide the reasons to obtain those backlinks. A successful SEO campaign will pass weight to the online business website to improve rankings, improve relevancy, increase rand awareness and referral traffic by potential customers, build relationships.

The link building service by Linkhelpers will provide the basic element of our SEO efforts. WE have a creative link building team that will help online business owners define their link building goals, identify the key influencers and audiences for the specific industry and develop a strategy to attract them through outreach, PR (public relations), and content.

Linkhelpers will work alongside PR, creative and marketing teams and use external and internal content that will provide an integrated agency approach.

Prior to moving on to backlink building, Linkhelpers will usually recommend a review of the online business website’s existing backlink profile. Linkhelpers frequently learns find unnatural and manipulative and backlink from work that was done in the past. Sooner or later poor backlinks will cause problems for the online business website and the owner.

Compelling content is of paramount importance for any marketing campaign. Linkhelpers has a team of creative content writers. In addition to content writers, Linkhelpers content development team also developers, and designers who will manage every aspect of the entire content production process.

Linkhelpers also has online PR consultants that have contacts with influencers, journalists, bloggers, and key publishers in many different sectors and industries all around the world. Se people help to develop the PR strategies that work online that will attract backlinks. We understand the power of a personal and highly targeted communications.

Linkhelpers has creative in-house writers who help to create accurate content that will have talking about the brand and will invoke emotion. Linkhelpers also has access to numerous freelancer writers that have various expertise in many different sectors.

Linkhelpers believes in developing edgy content that pushes boundaries. Our design and development team truly enjoy creating truly stellar content regardless if it’s games, quizzes, or interactive content.

Linkhelpers have a considerable amount of experience creating especially edgy content that gets people talking. It is also important to communicate with communities and targeted audiences on their own platforms, while the search engines are still learning how to incorporate social signals into their algorithms.

After the major search engines have crawled the web pages on the internet, they can extract the content of those pages and provide it to their indexes. Therefore, they can decide if they believe that a web page is of high enough quality to be ranked high for the relevant keywords. When they are determining this, the major search engines aren’t only simply looking at the content of the web page, they are also looking at the number of backlinks pointing to that web page from external online business websites and the quality of those external websites. Usually, the higher the quality online business websites that are linked to original onsite business website the more likely that online business will rank higher in the search results.

In the late 1990’s, using backlinks as a ranking factor contributed considerably to permitting the major search engines to start dominating search engine marketing. PageRank, which is used by Google is used to determine the quality of a web page and is partially based on the amount of backlinks that point to that web page. Then this factor was partially used for the overall search engine ranking algorithm and became a great metric because it was an excellent way to determine the quality of a web page.

Backlinks are an important part of a successful SEO campaign. They will increase the PageRank of any online business website, which means increased customers, sales, and ultimately overall revenue.