One Way Link Building

Article by Rod Bradley
June 9, 2013

Obtaining a one way link from another website without providing a link to that website is a process known as one way link building. There are many different ways to obtain one way links. One way links can be built from press releases, classified advertisements, forum postings, article writing, link directories, commenting on blogs, social media, and can be purchased online. However, not all one way links are created equal. It takes a considerable amount of work by some very talented people to build a high quality link, and there are no shortcuts to this process.

Building a quality one way link involves correctly employing the proper sub-elements of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) such as the selection of anchor text, title pages, URL’s, and keyword(s) or key phrase(s). In addition, there are other considerations that need to be taken into account when building a quality one way link. It is crucially important that the one way link contain high quality, informative, useful, interesting, and unique content. Potential customers simply won’t click on a one way link that they aren’t interested in. Also, that high quality content must be relative to the online business’ website. Potential customers won’t be interested in clicking on a one way link that has nothing to do with the website that they are currently visiting.

Many webmasters attempt to avoid all the work and effort of building their own one way links by purchasing them online. This is a very bad idea. There are simply too many unknowns when buying one way links online. In the best case scenario, the online business’ website will see no improvement in the search engine rankings or an increase in website traffic by potential customers, and in the worst case scenario the major search engines will determine that the one way links have been bought and penalize the online business’ website.

A much better and more cost effective idea is to hire a professional and reputable SEO service company such as LinkHelpers. This can be a very cost effective solution to a slumping marketing campaign. We only build high quality one way links for our customers. We have a .staff of professional SEO experts to make sure that as aspects of SEO are properly addressed. We also have a staff of researchers that make sure that the content is relative to our customers’ online business’ website. In addition, we have a staff of talented professional writers that will make sure that the one way link contains high quality content that is interesting, unique, informative, and useful.

LinkHelpers only builds high quality one way links. Although our SEO service in more expensive that buying one way links, our one way links will get results. In other words, our SEO services are cost effective. LinkHelpers believes that the focus of one way links should be equally placed on SEO, relevance, and quality and usefulness of the content. Without any of those elements, one way links are simply a waste of time and money.

Because LinkHelpers is only as successful as our customers’ online business, will make sure that our online customers’ business’ website enjoys significant improvement in the search engine rankings as well as an increase in website traffic by potential customers.