Link Building Service and ROI

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In order to be ranked high by the major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and especially Google, a link building service is required in order to increase ROI (Return on Investment). Linkhelpers has been helping online businesses increase traffic by potential customers to online business websites, drive brand awareness, and develop external content and quality backlinks since 1995. Linkhelpers uses proven SEO (Search Engine Optimization) backlink building practices that will provide increased online authority and drive any online business website to the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Some of the tactics Linkhelpers use include: real guest posting, visual graphic creating and promotion, link earning scholarship programs, publisher outreach, influencer engagement, and content marketing. An online business owner who is spending money to hire a backlink builder, has every right to ask what the ROI might be for service or strategy the link builder recommends for use.

Link building is essential for a successful search engine optimization campaign and backlinks are a crucial part of search engine ranking algorithms. However, not all links have equal value. It takes a long-term ranking strategy that will prioritize targeted promotion, strategic distribution, and great content to develop high impact natural backlinks. Together, these tactics don’t simply build backlinks, but they also earn them by providing real value to potential customers. An online business can experience the powerful results that will improve the ranking by the major search engines and increase ROI through the use of earning natural backlinks with proven tactics.

Compared to some other market activities there are specific challenges unique to link building and increased ROI. However, measuring how much link building improves ROI is difficult. One reason that it is so difficult to measure ROI is that there are many different ways to measure it, depending on the specific goals desired for any particular backlink building project. Selecting the wrong metric can result it being nearly impossible to trace the ROI back to dollar value, although it may be possible to assign some random number to the ROI.

In addition, it is also nearly impossible to determine the failure or success to any particular backlink building project. The question is does the backlink builder or the content earn the backlink. If the backlink builder is being measured on the success or failure of obtaining backlinks is only based on the new backlinks that are gained, they will naturally go after the more difficult of the easiest backlinks to obtain. This will be done solely to meet the numbers that they are being paid to meet. If the content can’t attract the higher value backlinks, the backlink builder might have to go after higher value backlinks. The backlink builder shouldn’t be held responsible for content failure. The end result/unintended consequence is a great gray area of mediocre backlink builders and backlinks.

There aren’t many obvious metrics for ROI. Although it is ever-changing, improvement is the search rankings by the major search engines is one. The online business website might be ranking high as the result of spammy tactic that the online website backlink builder is using. Another metric that is sometimes used to measure ROI is the number of backlinks. However, it is quality and not quantity that makes the difference. The only reason this tactic is usually used is to justify have a number that can be attached to the cost of the project.

The truth of the matter is that backlinking isn’t as important as ROI. A high ranking by the major search engines is irrelevant if it is associated with a low ROI. For example, and online business website that is ranked 2nd with $20,000 a month in sales while an online business website that is ranked 4th has $13,000 a month in sales. An online business website that specializes in content and monetizes through ad clicks, wants additional backlinks so that the online business website to obtain additional traffic by potential customers will leave by means of backlinks in order to increase the ROI. It’s rather ironic that online business owners work incredibly hard to get potential customers to the online business website, just to have them leave the online business by means of the right backlink.

In these cases, online business owners don’t want their content to be too compelling, since their potential customers won’t leave it. This could be called a revolving door backlink building scenario. The key to increased ROI is to ensure that the potential customer leaves at exactly the right place and time. This is where an ad backlink might come in handy.

Online business owners who want to find additional to measure their ROI based on backlink realize just how challenging this can be. Because most online business owners enter into backlink building mode as the result of the desire to rank higher by the major search engines. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean if the online business website doesn’t rank higher by the major search engines that the backlink building process was a failure.