SEO Backlinks and Website Design

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When an online business owner wants to find more potential customers, the best way to accomplish this to find a way to attract potential customers finding the online a particular website through the major search engines, such a Yahoo, Bing, and especially Google. There are many articles and experts who recommend that using backlinks to increase the potential to for additional potential customers to purchase the goods or services being advertised. However, it is also important to have an online business website that is conducive to increased customer traffic. Proper website design, and proper website implementation will improve potential traffic on any online business website.

The entrance to any online business is the website. It is important because if a potential customer can’t find the website there will be no purchasing of the goods or services advertised on the online business website. The online business website must impart the values and mission of the online business to potential customers.

In order for potential customers to know what they expect from any online business; the online business website must accurately represent the online business. Linkhelpers can design a professional online business website within your budget, which will improve your online presence. We can completely design and manage the online business website or help you with the design, which will allow the online business owner manage the website. We have a systemized process to make sure you get exactly what you pay for, and that you’re happy with the results.

Maybe it has been sometime since the online business website has been updated. SEO is constantly changing and it is important to keep the online business up to date. Linkhelpers has professional website designers who will use the online business owner personal design requirements in development, or completely update and redesign and the online business website. Linkhelpers can design and create and online business website with a content management system, with various markup and programmer languages.

The search engine rankings will be higher based on the quality of your backlinks. This one aspect of website design can mean more traffic by potential customers and more as well more money from a blog. However, it is important to know that building backlinks has changed considerably in the post Penguin era. No longer can an online business owner write numerous spun articles with the backlinks and locate them on other online business article directories and websites that are completely irrelevant to any particular niche and expect to be on the first webpage of the search engine. In fact, the wrong backlinks can result in the online business being penalized or even blacklisted.

Another important facet of online business design is hosting. Potential customers will be unhappy when using a slow online business website. Common sense should dictate the hosting. Be located where the potential customers are located. In addition, the CMS (Content Management System) that is selected for an online business can well determine how successful the online business website is. In many situations, WordPress is a great option. However, it isn’t the only one. It is certainly designed in a basic level in a way that Google can understand. It may not be best choice every situation, although it is certainly, a good starting point for most online businesses. Online business owners need to make sure that the CMS isn’t selected by the SEO company and is right one for the online business owner.

It is also important that the content on the online business website be readable. This means that the primary content of the online business website should be text-based behind the scenes rather than video, flash, or images. The content should still be text-based, even in this ever-advancing world. There are some great tools, such as web fonts, that mean you can still have the images in place and look the part. However, the language about what the online business is all about and should be clear and concise so that the major search engines can read and understand the content. PDFs, videos, and images are also important and each can be a source of potential customer traffic. However, these need to be indexable and discoverable.


At Linkhelpers, we thoroughly enjoy sitting down with or customers and listen to their desires and needs and then working with them to develop a solution that will help their online business website become successful. This allows the online business to flourish without problems or any other issues.


Regardless if the online needs a brand-new design, a redesign, eCommerce services, steady monthly maintenance, or some small updated, Linkhelpers has a solution for any online business. By using the ideal combination of creativity and technology Linkhelpers creates the most vibrant services and products with any problems or other issues. Linkhelpers can enhance your online business presence through a simple, functional, attractive, and creative online business website. Our websites are user friendly and optimized for maximum performance. Linkhelpers creates a wide variety of web products from highly demanding eCommerce online business websites to static online business websites.