SEO and DIY Link Building

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Building links is still one of the most crucial factors for a successful SEO campaigns although there is a considerable amount of hype about social media and the changes in algorithms and how they affect rankings.  For those online business owners who can afford SEO campaign, Linkhelpers highly recommends the use of an external resource or agency to help drive links.  Online business website owners should also build their links in spite of any external support.

Customers and associates alike have expressed a considerable amount of frustration with online blog posts and articles saying that the way to building authority is all about networking on various social media websites and writing numerous pages of content. While those items are a considerable part of a well-structured SEO campaign, online business owners have other things to do running their online business and seldom have time to network on social media website or write numerous articles. Still these online business owners should write as much content that they can manage. However, it is important that the content is interesting and relative. It is equally important to spend some amount of their time on social networks.

Many webmasters became wary about website directories once Penguin 1.0 and 2.0 arrived on websites. Although this is understandable, website directories remain great source of links. However, online business owners should make sure that somebody should manually review and approve the submission before it goes live. They should also try to use directories that have a high Moz authority score or a PageRank of 3 or greater. They should also never use an automated mass submission service. These items will minimize risk as well as obtain better websites. However, this may be a never-ending process as Google changes the parameters within their algorithm.

While it is certainly true that press releases are a bad way to obtain links, especially if the objective is to obtain do-follow links on high authority websites. However, one of the more important things that Linkhelpers does is obtain a combination of do-follow and no-follow links. Sooner or later, using only do-follow links will become unnatural looking to Google. Just as Google advises, no-follow press releases should also be used. This will increase the possibility of obtaining referral traffic from any media outlet or PR service that elects to uses the links as well as helping to balance the overall profile of the link. It will also serve a good faith effort to not manipulate the system, which is something that has to be proven in order to prevent being hit by a manual penalty in the future.

Some online business owners may already have a channel established on YouTube, if they produce any kind of videos. It is important to use this opportunity to obtain high-quality links. Indicating a very high level of authority, YouTube has a PageRank of 9. However, this is to be expected because YouTube is owned by Google.  An online business website should have the link placed on the About tab within the channel. Profiles can include links to the homepage, as well as multiple profiles. It is important to be clear about the links are about and why they are included. By default, these links are no-follow links. The referral traffic and link profile balance are worth remaining about always including these links. In the overall picture of link building sheer volume still matters whether these links officially pass authority or not.

One of the best places to build links is on Google+. This website carries a considerable amount of ranking weight as it is another PR 9 website. These are do-follow links. At a minimum, the publisher/company and personal profile should be included within the content to Google+. In addition, there should also be key links within the company and personal About webpages. Currently these also count as do-follow links.

Because the images used do-follow links that pointed back to the original websites SEO companies had a considerable amount of interest in Pinterest when it first became available. In early 2012, Pinterest management must have realized this was happening, since they elected to change these links to no-follow links. However, recently it seems as though they have reverted back to do-follow links. Any online business owner with an interest in building links should strongly consider using Pinterest. The simple way to use it is to share the image from each blog post you publish to a branded board.

There has recently been an interest in This website is both a social network and a content writing platform. Much the same as the Pinterest boards that contain images, similar content should be assembled. Using this integrated platform, there are full discussion and commenting capabilities. All of the links on are no-follow links much the same as with most social networks. This service offers additional exposure to active writers and curators, while not providing high value links directly.