SEO Backlinks and Website building

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Although, it is sometimes possible to optimize an existing online business website effectually, it is usually more efficient to build the required SEO (Search Engine Optimization) elements into the design on the online business website architecture and design from the very beginning. It is crucial that the basics of how to build an SEO friendly online business website regardless if a prebuilt template or a website designer is used.

Building backlinks in an online business website has to be done with knowledge and caution. Any backlink that is created needs to be monitored to determine how much SEO equity it contains and online business owners should always avoid getting backlinks from pages that they don’t have any control over. No online business website builder wants to have numerous backlinks that the website builder can’t remove.

When making a determination with regard to what kind of URL structure should be used it’s important to make sure the URLs clearly indicate the topic of the content. This means that it should be static and descriptive and should also contain relevant keywords so that both potential customers as well as the major search engines know exactly what the webpage is about.

Ideally, you want your navigation structure to be simple, efficient and easy for Google and potential customers to follow. Online business websites usually place their primary navigation menu vertically down the left side of the webpage or across the top of the webpage. However, some online business owners are tempted to place the menu elsewhere, because many usability and eye-tracking have demonstrated that these positions work best.

Flyout menus and dropdown menus can be used. However, care should be used because they have the potential to be more difficult for both robot and potential customers to navigate. Text links are ideal, as is keeping the number of menu items manageable so as not to overwhelm potential customers with options that are unnecessary.

In order to make sure that potential customers can access the online business website regardless if by tablet, computer, smartphone, or tablet, it is important to have responsive online business website design. While a dedicated mobile-only online business website will work as well, but a responsive online business design will help the online business owner avoid problems such as duplicate content and having to build and maintain two separate online business websites. Recent changes to algorithm used by Google have also changed how SEO, in terms of content strategy, is approached.

The indirect advantages of using social media for any online business website have been proven many times over. Social media sharing will propel online business website content all over the internet, which will put that content in front of more potential customers and gain more links and more mentions which will increase the search engine rankings for the online business website in addition to the reach, authority, credibility, and brand awareness.

Some of the best ways to incorporate social media into the online business website is to ensure that there are easy-to-find social media share icons on all product web pages and blog posts, which will promote content on the online business website by means of social media channels. If the online business website is an eCommerce website, this will enable social sign-in.

When building an online business website, it is also important to make sure that the images are the minimum size required that will still provide the potential customer with a good experience. Resizing the images to the size required to be displayed properly is a good standard practice. This is opposed to shrinking them in the source code, because can significantly increase web page load time considerably. The reason that this is important is because a slower web page load speed can result in a poor experience for potential customers and even organic search rankings.

It is also important to correctly incorporate keywords into all buttons, header image, and logo image, as well as other graphics included in the design of the online business website.

In addition, relevant and high-quality backlinks have the most value in the current SEO environment. Online business owners shouldn’t depend an SEO advice from unknown sources. If someone finds the secret to rank on the first web page on Google for competitive keywords, it’s not very likely that they will share it with strangers.

Online business owners will have to build some backlinks in order to attract more potential customers to the online business website. On way to do this is to write guest posts on reputable online business websites.

Considerable knowledge and caution needs to be used when building backlinks to the online business website. Each backlink needs to be monitored to determine if it contains any SEO equity. Always avoid getting backlinks from pages where the online business owner doesn’t have any control.