Best Way to Get Links

Article by Rod Bradley
June 6, 2013

There are many different ways to get links. One of the best ways to get links is to use link directories. However, not all link directories are created equal. Like anything else, link directories can be abused and exploited. It is of critical importance that the link directory that is selected isn’t putting out multiple links from the same website. Equally important is the determination with regard to the link directory providing high quality, useful, and relative content. It is important to remember that links are only as good as the quantity and usefulness of the relative content. Otherwise, there will be no improvement in search engine ranking or increase in website traffic.

Links to the major business directory websites will allow the website be more visible to potential customers. Website directories are where numerous potential customers turn when they are searching for something. However, since the website will have to be submitted to a highly regarded business directory website, this may take some time. There will be improved visibility on the search engines after the website has been added to the link directory. These days, the rankings for websites have had stricter rules imposed by the search engines. It is Important that guidelines for the link directories are completely understood. Some link directories have specific policies just for them. Therefore, link directories should be checked to determine how particular they are prior to the website being submitted. It is also important that the website to be submitted is relevant to the subtopic or topic. There are also subcategories to be considered.

Another alternative to building links is to hire a link building service such as LinkHelpers. For those webmasters who simply don’t have the time or the necessary skill this may be their best option. LinkHelpers understands that the best way to build high quality links through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, relevancy and high quality, useful content. We also understand that there are many sub elements within SEO, including anchor text, headings, URL, keyword(s) selection, and title page. All of these elements have to be considered when building a high quality link. We have SEO professionals who will ensure that all of the criteria for SEO are met for all of our customer’s links to make sure that there is an improvement in the search engine rankings as well as an increase in website traffic.

We also understand that relevance is another very important element that has to be considered when building a high quality link. Potential customers will never see the link if they don’t visit the non-relevant website. Therefore, we only build links that are relevant to the customer’s online business’ website niche.

LinkHelpers also believes that high quality, useful and relevant content is equally important for a high quality link. The biggest mistake that many link builders make is probably is not including high quality and useful content that is relative to the website in their links. Potential customers will not take the time to read something that they are simply not interested in.