Ways to Get Backlinks

Article by Rod Bradley
June 12, 2013

Basically, one way or reciprocating links are links that are provided to an online business� website from another website without that website have to also provide a link. There are many different ways to get one way links such as article writing, writing testimonials, blog writing, participating in forums, obtaining them from link farms, and buying them online. The problem with buying one way links online is that there is no way to know if the one way link is a high quality link. If it isn�t a high quality one way link, it will provide less than satisfying results in addition to the online business� website possibly being penalized by the major search engines. While the major search engine won�t penalize webmasters for using them, link farms also won�t produce high quality one way links which will also lead to disappointing results. That pretty much leaves the webmasters to build their own one way links.

High quality one way links must have well written, high quality, useful, informative, and interesting content that is somehow related to the online business� website. Link content that is written poorly with even small errors in spelling or grammar simply won�t produce the desired results. Potential customers simply won�t click on a one way link that isn�t interesting to them. Likewise, that high quality, well written content also needs to be related to the online business� website. There is no reason for potential customers to click on a one way link that isn�t related to the website that they are currently using to obtain about a particular subject.

It is important for the webmaster to know that the one way link is high quality before it is obtained. That is the only way the webmaster can be sure that the one way link will provide an improvement in the rankings by the major search engines, such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo and an increase in the website traffic by potential customers which all webmasters are trying to convert into paying customers.

The easiest and most cost effective way to obtain a high quality one way link is by hiring a reputable and professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service company such as Linkhelpers. We incorporate the principles of SEO, such as the selection of heading, URLs, title pages, keyword(s) or key phrases, and anchor text into all of the one way links that we build.

In addition, at Linkhelpers, we have a professional team of writers who will make sure that the one way link contains high quality content that is interesting, informative, unique, useful, and above all well written. Also, we will make sure that the well written, high quality content is related to the online business� website.

While our SEO link building service may be more expensive than some other methods of obtaining one way links, it is also more cost effective because our one way links will get results by making sure that they improve the major search engine rankings and that they will also increase the website traffic by potential customers for the online business� website. Linkhelpers understands that for us to be successful, the online business also has to be successful which is why we only build high quality one way links.