SEO Page Rank

Article by Rod Bradley
June 10, 2013

SEO PageRank is critical to the success of any online business. The process that the major search engine Google uses to determine the PageRank for an online business’ website is quite complicated. Google examines all aspects of the content on a particular webpage in order to determine if that content is a good match for the user’s query. This includes examining the content to determine if the proper SEO techniques were employed, if the online business’ website contains high quality content, and if that content is related to the online business’ website.

One of the elements that determine SEO PageRank is the SEO metrics including the selection of keyword(s) or key phrases, title pages, anchor text that are used for hyperlinks, URLs, and headings. Links to online business’ websites that don’t have these SEO metrics properly attended to may have their PageRank reduced.

Another element that determines the SEO PageRank is the quality of the content on the webpage. This high quality content must be error free, well written, and contain information that is unique, interesting, useful, and informative. Even small mistakes in spelling or grammar can result in a reduction of the SEO PageRank for that online business’ website.

This high quality, well written, and error free content also needs to be related to the website that potential customers are currently searching for information. Non-relative content will almost certainly lead to a reduction in SEO PageRank because it is unlikely to be clicked on by potential customers.

All of these elements are required to help ensure a high PageRank by Google. All webmasters understand that the higher the PageRank of their online business’ website, the better the chances of converting potential customers into paying customers. Incorporating these elements will help ensure that the SEO link will lead to an increase in website traffic by potential customers as well as an improvement in the rankings by the major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and especially Google for the online business’ website.

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LinkHelpers only builds high quality SEO links with high PageRank. Although our SEO service in more expensive than some other methods of obtaining SEO links, our SEO backlinks will get results because of their high PageRank. In other words, our SEO services are cost effective. LinkHelpers believes that the focus of SEO links should be equally placed on SEO, relevance, and quality and usefulness of the content. Without any of those three elements, SEO links won’t have a high PageRank and are simply a waste of time and money.

Because LinkHelpers is only as successful as our customers’ online business, will make sure that our online customers’ business’ website enjoys significant improvement in the search engine rankings as well as an increase in website traffic by potential customers as a result of a high PageRank.