SEO Link Exchange

Article by Rod Bradley
June 10, 2013

At one time SEO (Search Engine Optimization) link exchanges were very effective and beneficial to both parties involved in the SEO link exchange. However, recently there have been some problems with SEO Link exchanges. In addition to the problem of the webmaster seeking the SEO link exchange not knowing the quality of the SEO link until after the fact, it seems that some unscrupulous webmaster have been removing the SEO link they received after the exchange was agreed upon. The fact is that not all SEO link exchanges are created equal and some SEO link exchanges are better than others. Some SEO links exchanges are providing low quality SEO links that produce little in the way of meaningful results.

While high quality SEO links can provide a real improvement in the rankings of the major search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo and Google as well as an increase in the website traffic by potential customers for online business’ websites, the same can’t be said for low quality SEO links. One of the problems with these low quality SEO links is that oftentimes they are from websites that aren’t related in any way to thee online business’ website. Potential customers simply aren’t going to click on an SEO link that doesn’t relate to the website that they are currently visiting while looking for information.

Another problem with low quality SEO links that provided by some SEO link exchanges is that they don’t contain any quality content. High quality SEO links contain high quality content that is interesting, useful, informative, unique, well written, and free from errors. Even small errors in grammar and spelling can lead to less than desirable search engine results. In addition, many of these low quality SEO links don’t follow the precepts of SEO, such as the selection of URLs, title pages, keyword(s) or key phrases, anchor text for hyperlinks, and headings. These SEO elements are required by all of the major search engines.

A better option for webmasters than using SEO link exchanges to obtain SEO Links is to hire a professional and reputable SEO service company such as LinkHelpers to build their SEO links. LinkHelpers understands that the best way to build high quality SEO links is through SEO techniques, relevant, and high quality, useful content. We also understand that there are many sub-elements within SEO, including anchor text, headings, and URL, keyword, and title page selection. All of these elements have to be considered when building a high quality SEO link. We have SEO professionals who will ensure that all of the criteria for SEO are met for all of our customer’s SEO links to make sure that there is an improvement in the search engine rankings as well as an increase in website traffic.

We also understand that relevance is another very important element that has to be considered when building a high quality SEO link. Potential customers will never see the link if they don’t visit the non-relevant website. Therefore, we only build SEO links that are relevant to the customer’s online business’ website niche.

LinkHelpers also believes that high quality, useful and relevant content is equally important for a high quality SEO link. The biggest mistake that many link builders make is probably is not including high quality and useful content that is relative to the website in their links. Potential customers will not take the time to read something that they are simply not interested in.