SEO Backlinks and Web Page Building

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In 2018, building backlinks is the process of gaining links on other online business websites. Naturally earned backlinks will directly improve the reputation of any online business website and where it ranks on the major search engines such as Google.

Online business owners shouldn’t attempt building backlinks until that have first dealt with the inevitable quality issues on their online business website. If the online business website content isn’t attracting organic social shares or links, and in the long run, unnatural links will not be of any help.

Currently, Google will discount and discard many backlinks to many online business websites, particularly those that have low quality backlinks, and it will take much longer to see the effects of some kinds of link building.

Google actively ignores low quality backlinks and will penalize real time spamming activity by using manual actions while rewarding high quality backlinks. Therefore, before building backlinks, the content on the online business website should be evaluated and improved as necessary.

While there are some backlink building techniques that are classified legitimate or white hat many are considered illegitimate or black hat. Such black hat link building methods are labelled webspam according to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Off page SEO that includes backlink building, can be risky. The suggested reason for this is that Google has equated backlink building with webspam. However, not all backlink building is webspam and building backlinks remains an incredibly important aspect of SEO. High quality backlinks aren’t isolated from a high quality online business website, service, or product.

Any online business owner who want to build backlinks should review their top competitors’ backlinks. This can help- determine they have managed to obtain any extremely high quality back and determine how it was obtained and if it can be replicated.

Online business owners should look on competitor’s online business websites for evidence of high quality content marketing and then identify the top assets that are linkable in the niche and who links to them. This information is useful to emulate or learn from successful competitor backlink building strategies.

Online business owners should never engage in any low-quality SEO methods. There is no way of knowing if those back are devalued or disavowed. It simply isn’t worth the risk of being penalized by Google. However, it is important to determine out what web pages on the competitors’ online business websites are driving the backlinks links that website. The idea is to identify very best links the competitor has obtained. This is just one aspect of successful SEO currently known as competitor analysis.

The best and most legitimate backlink building strategy is content marketing. This method can be used to build backlinks to the online business website. It is virtually risk free and very easy. By simply generating content on the online business website will naturally create backlinks to the online business website if the content is relative and resonates with potential customers.

Combined with actively promoting the content to other online business owners who might link to the content along with content marketing is a very powerful backlink building strategy. This content needs to be original but the subject matter doesn’t have to be original. The more content on the online business website, the more likely potential customers will link to it, sooner or later.

In depth, high quality is always going to get shared or linked to on social media, if it’s presented slightly more interesting and different. Once enough backlinks are obtained and the online business website is ranked on the first three pages of the search engine, more natural links will surely follow.

Online business owners should ask themselves what do people want to know about the industry or products, and not simply about the online business. That content should be added to the online business website.

It is much easier to obtain backlinks by having content on the online business website. It is important to remember that Google is in the business of rewarding uniqueness. The kind of content that will rank on Google is relative, informative, and interesting.

It should be noted that in the last two years Google changed Google Penguin to ignore backlinks, as opposed to penalizing the online business website. However, if the Google algorithm flags the content as spam, there is the continuing threat of a manual action. This perceived risk of this negative SEO has resulted in the reduction of the number of violations but it is remains a very real threat.

The current negative SEO efforts now look nearly indistinguishable from acceptable genuine link building efforts of only a few short years ago. However, the point is that negative SEO efforts want to make it look like the online business owners built the backlinks themselves and when they submitted to Google the following month the online business will get penalized for a year. The overall effect has been to significantly reduce that number of bad backlinks.

However, the fact is that if the link builder puts sufficient effort into creating a unique offering, the online business website can still gain increased traffic by potential customers as well as top rankings,