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Page Optimization

Article by Andrew Cremata
June 9, 2013

Page optimization is the key toward enabling clients to find your website. Whenever a consumer uses the internet to find good or services, they are likely to type a phrase into the search engine toolbar. To find your website, you will need to optimize at least one page for those particular terms.

Google's algorithms are geared to look for these important search phrases, but they must appear as though they are organic in nature. Simply repeating the phrase over and over will result in a penalty. If the phrases do not appear enough then the site will be overlooked.

Our SEO experts have deciphered Google's code and our content writers understand how to create compelling content that incorporates these phrases at the proper levels within the content. We accomplished this by performing an in-depth study into Google's practices and policies. As Google has updated these algorithms, we have been able to keep our clients at the top of their game. The much heralded Penguin and Panda updates caused many websites to falter, but because we abide by the rigid rules of page optimization created by Google, our clients were able to maintain their web presence.

We have taken the time to do a massive 10,000 data point statistical study on page optimization. We have back engineered the density algorithmic formula which is a complex Logarithmic curve. With this information, we know with deadly precision what metrics are required to optimize content. Our team of professional writers can create beautiful compelling prose, that satisfies the Search Engines, draws the viewer in and closes the sale for you. Page optimization is at the very heart of the SEO process, and at LinkHelpers we understand that our number one job is making the most of your SEO investment.

Remember: SEO is not a "feel." SEO is a science.

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