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Thematic One Way Links

Article by Rod Bradley June 10, 2013 The process of link building comes into play whenever two websites that are equally compete for any particularly niche. In any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing campaign, link building is a critical element. The purpose of link building is to receive high quality inbound links to an online […]

Link Packages

Starting at $199 Before you buy, please read our article on Page Optimization. We don’t want to be pushing a 5 ton rock up a hill. It is much easier to finesse your way to the top and take advantage of Geo-Targeted SERPs. Three Dimensions of Link Diversity Diversity of Source – Links must be […]

LinkHelpers Spam

Article by Rod Bradley June 16, 2013 There are many different kinds of link spam available online for unsuspecting webmasters. There are many unscrupulous companies that offer what they advertise high quality links that have no idea what it takes to build a high quality link. Other kinds of link spam are just as ineffective. […]

Google Penalties

Article by Steve Mapúa June 27, 2013 What is the 800 Pound Gorilla Doing? By now everyone is scratching their heads wondering what the 800 pound gorilla is doing. Well Google is releasing 3 updates. That’s right 3. There is the Penguin 2.0 Update Update (that’s right they are updating the update), Payday Algorithm Update, […]

SEO Backlinks

Article by Rod Bradley June 23, 2013 High quality SEO backlinks can certainly increase the website traffic by potential customers as well as improve the rankings by the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo for any online business’ website. The problem is that all SEO backlinks aren’t created equal and it is […]

Reciprocal Links

Article by Rod Bradley June 23, 2013 When two complementary online business’ websites trade links it is known as a reciprocal link. Although there has recently been some negativity associated with reciprocal links as a result of some unscrupulous webmasters removing the link from the other website after the exchange has already been agreed to, some […]

One Way Links vs Two Way Links

Article by Rod Bradley June 20, 2013 One way links are links to an online business’ website from another without any reciprocation. Two way links, or reciprocal links, are links to an online business’ website with reciprocation. If they are high quality, either of these links can improve the rankings of the major search engines, […]

SEO Backlinks Tool

Article by Rod Bradley June 19, 2013 There are many different kinds of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) backlink tools available online. Some SEO backlink tools can help webmasters build SEO backlinks quickly and easily. The problem is that the webmasters don’t know the quality of the SEO backlink until after the fact. There are also […]

One Way Links Review

Article by Rod Bradley June 19, 2013 Links that are provided to an online business’ website without that website providing a link back are known as one way links. One way links can be obtained from a variety of different sources, some of which are better than others. Participating in forums, article writing, posting on […]