Link Building Services and Search Engines

The process of obtaining hyperlinks from other online business websites is known as link building or building backlinks. A backlink is how potential customers navigate between web pages on the internet. These backlinks are used by the major search engines to crawl the internet. They will crawl between different online business websites as well as […]

Link Building Service and ROI

In order to be ranked high by the major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and especially Google, a link building service is required in order to increase ROI (Return on Investment). Linkhelpers has been helping online businesses increase traffic by potential customers to online business websites, drive brand awareness, and develop external content and […]

Link Building Strategy

Backlinks are very important for successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Therefore, link building needs to definitely be part of SEO strategy for any online business website, without doubt. However, more importantly, link building also needs to be part of growth strategy for that online business website. Backlinks should directly generate traffic to the online business […]

SEO Banklinks and Legitimacy

A backlink is a link to an online business owner’s website, content or social websites when the brand of the online business website is mentioned by a third-party. The quality of these backlinks will depend on the domain authority of the referring website and how they are structured. Legitimate backlinks remain the most effective SEO […]

SEO Backlinks and Google Website Ranking

In the U.S. alone there were over 12 billion searches on the internet searches conducted every month. Some 33% out of those 12 billion internet searches for each search term went to Google’s top ranked organic search result. Online business owners would be smart to improve their search engine ranking for relevant keywords. However, that […]

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