Link Strategy

Article by Rod Bradley Jan 17, 2013 Link building can be defined as working on any number of websites that have a link that leads to a webpage on your website. These links can be from articles, newsletters, the advertisements that you place, forums, directories, blogs, other websites or anywhere else that can be linked […]

Link Management

Article by Rod Bradley Jan 17, 2013 Link management as associated with your online business can be defined as monitoring the reputation of your brand reputation on the search engine result webpages. These days, there are a considerable number potential customers use the Internet to compare different but similar services and products or search for […]


SERP Patterns

Article by Steve Mapúa Dec 2, 2001 Exact Search Phrase Match Search engines will always try to return the exact phrase first. Is this phrase in your content? All Words in Search Phrase Search engines will then try to return pages that have every word in the search phrase next. Are your target keywords present […]


What is Popularity

Article by Steve Mapúa Dec 2, 2001 In The Begining It was customary to have the “obligatory” links page. This was part of the illusory “web” concept that there was no “end” to the internet. People simply provided links to sites they felt offered valuable information. This heuristic provides the foundation that link popularity is […]


What is Relevance

Article by Steve Mapúa Dec 2, 2001 Search Engines (SE) Will Always Try to Return Something Search engines can not return nothing. By virtue of their business model, they have to return valid results. Often refered to as Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If users don’t find what they are looking for they will change […]

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