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SERP Patterns

Article by Steve Mapúa
Dec 2, 2001

Exact Search Phrase Match

Search engines will always try to return the exact phrase first. Is this phrase in your content?

All Words in Search Phrase

Search engines will then try to return pages that have every word in the search phrase next. Are your target keywords present in your content?

Some words in Search Phrase

This is the Hail Mary return or filler. sometimes folks just search for the weirdest things.

Searcher's Anxiety

When a person sees millions of pages matching their keyword search, their anxiety immediatly spikes. This fuels impatience and results in users hardly ever going past page 1.

Where are you?

Are you on page 1 for your keywords? If not, call one of our Agents to help you.

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SERP Patterns

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