Getting Market Share

Article by Steve Mapúa
June 2, 2013

Putting it all Together

If you haven’t already read about Relevance, and Popularity this won’t make sense.

Since SEs will try to return relevant SERPs your site needs to be relevant to the keywords you are optimizing for. Look at the sites you are competing against. Are they more relevant than you are? If so you might want to look at boosting your relevance. Don’t spam. Remember you are offering value.

How about popularity? Do you have enough backward links? If not, now is the time to seriously consider a program. If you don’t have the time contact us. We can develop an affordable link management program that will work for you.

Working on Relevance

What is my market searching for? Ah, the keywords you chose may not be what folks are searching for. Bummer huh? Now is the time to do an analysis of what folks are looking for and determine how you can develop your site so it is relevant to these keywords. Don’t know how to do it? Contact us. We will be happy to do an analysis for you.


SEO Strategy

Article by Rod Bradley
Jan 20, 2013

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to have your website placed at the top of the results webpages by the search engines when a certain keyword is placed into the search engine. There are numerous SEO companies to select from. Here are some things to remember when trying to develop an SEO strategy on your own or when looking for SEO services.

There are two kinds of listings for search engines which are organic and those that are paid for, usually known as sponsored links.

Those listings that appear down the middle of the webpage are the organic search engine listings. SEO companies are dedicated to optimizing websites so that they will appear in the space for organic listings.

Some search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, and Google are driven by spiders otherwise known as crawlers or robots to score websites on the Internet. These spiders crawl over each website and score that webpages based on their relevancy. The placement or the score of a website within a search result is driven by algorithms determined by numerous variables such as website themes, the frequency and density of the keywords in the content of the webpage, the popularity of the page, and many others. In order to position your website well on the major search engines it is necessary to focus many criteria.

The most popular search engine is Google. The Google database is known for being able to find the most relevant information largely as a result of its current approximate four billion webpages that are indexed. Google find websites by indexing links whenever Google crawls the Internet. The search engines consider your content to be popular, the more other websites link to your website. It is important to acquire as many important websites to link to your website as possible. There are several different ways to do this. You can participate in link building, exchange links with industry related and business partner websites, submit to online directories, or hire experienced professionals like those at LinkHelpers to build you links for you as well as develop a successful SEO strategy for your website.

Text is the only kind of content that search engine spiders can crawl through. Search engines will use the content on a website to determine what the website is about, which will help determine how high to rank the website for certain keyword phrases when users type them into the search engines. This is the reason that when planning SEO strategy the research of keywords is necessary in order to obtain the natural search engine ranking. When planning SEO strategy, keyword research is the first thing on the list. .

When you are trying to achieve a top spot on the search engine results, it is important to know what kind of competition you are facing by knowing the number of people who are searching for your keyword phrases. Website analysis, link submissions, text writing and the research of keywords are all part of The SEO packages that are provided by LinkHelpers.

There are studies that have determined that a high ranking in search engines usually offer a more positive ROI (Return on Investment) when compared to more conventional types of advertising such as television and radio commercials and snail mail. The primary technique to achieving a top ten placement on the major search engines is SEO. You can learn more about the SEO process and discuss an SEO strategy for your website by contacting LinkHelpers today.


RSS Feeds

Article by Rod Bradley
Jan 20, 2013

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for delivering Internet content that changes regularly. However, syndication is defined as an organization that publishes numerous articles simultaneously, and therein lays the problem. Many online publishers such as weblogs and news related websites syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to anybody who wants it.

There was a time when RSS feeds solved many problems for people who used the Internet regularly. At first, the idea seemed great. RSS feeds permitted people to easily obtain the newest content from the websites that they were interested in and therefore stay informed. By not having to visit each website individually, people could save some time. By not having to join each website’s email newsletter, people’s privacy was ensured. At one time, there were numerous websites who offered RSS feeds. These days, that is simply not the case.

There is News Aggregator or Feed Reader software that permits people to obtain the RSS feeds from many different websites and display them for people to read and use.

There are several different of RSS Readers that are available for several different operating systems. Some of the popular feed readers include NewsGator for Windows, which integrates with Outlook, Feedreader, for Windows, and Amphetadesk for Mac, Linux, and Windows. There are also some feed readers that available that is Internet based. Some popular Internet based feed readers includes the Google Reader, Bloglines, and My Yahoo.

Once a person has a Feed Reader, that person only has to find websites that syndicate content and add the RSS feed to the list of feeds for their Feed Reader checks. There are several websites that display a small icon with the acronyms RDF, XML, or RSS, to inform the person that the feed is available.

The problem with RSS feeds is they are quickly becoming outdated by Google’s Panda and Penguin Algorithm. Google considers RSS feeds to be questionable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics. It seems that many people were using RSS feed sites to generate a plethora of inbound links. They published articles that weren’t newsworthy and relied on other republishers to proliferate these articles as a tactic to garner inbound links. That is one reason that the Internet had so much garbage that populated search results.

Many unscrupulous SEOs were using websites such as articlesonline.org to publish numerous articles just for the purpose of creating backlinks regardless of the quality of the content of the articles. Many of these RSS websites are no longer in business. The resulting republishing of these articles simply generated hundreds of millions of copies of this worthless information on the World Wide Web. This link philosophy has proven to be a disaster because it is nothing more than a way to generate automatic links with no regard for the content. Therefore, RSS feeds will soon become a thing of the past. Being penalized by Google is no way to improve the ranking of a website. That is the reason that LinkHelpers has never subscribed to this philosophy of link building. We build links the old fashioned way by using scientific techniques such as advanced econometric modeling that involves the use of integral calculus in order to understand the ranking algorithms that Google uses.

Creating links by using RSS feeds are a sure way to have a website penalized by Google. There are enough ways to get a website penalized by Google, so don’t make the mistake of trying to create automatic links using article submissions via RSS feed sites. Let LinkHelpers build your links the right way to ensure your website will be ranked high on the major search engines.


Quality Content

Article by Rod Bradley
Jan 19, 2013

Usually, business organizations don’t have any idea with regards to their strategy online. However, the execution of this strategy online has one common denominator which is quality content. Providing quality content can be easier said than done, but it doesn’t have to be. However, this seemingly easy but usually complicated part of the process isn’t always that straightforward. There are different levels that the correct decisions have to be carefully considered and frequently made on a case to case basis in order to provide the most lasting value for your online business. This places the execution of using quality content on your limited resources that are available.

Key words are partly a focus on performance measurement and quality, sensitivity, communication, coordination, project management, insight and oversight, and information sharing and availability.

The execution of high quality content is very much dependent on a complete understanding of both your online business and the subject you are writing about as well as good communications. This requires experience professionals such as LinkHelpers who can not only focus on the larger the picture and concentrate on the immediate task at hand and also know how to use the tools of the trade efficiently.

These are the reasons that it often only makes sense to hire a professional quality content writer such as LinkHelpers. Some owners of business websites who are both smart and attentive users of the CMS (Content Management System), but who also have the skill and the freedom to plan, coordinate, and communicate when it comes to their article writing. These people will get more work done, using less energy and time, with fewer corrections required in the future as a result of fewer defects with less hassle and more grace.

Quality content will also support of your business’ profits by reducing future and current costs, reinforcing the value of your brand, and by supporting your sales. Once your online business starts developing quality content there will be less rework required, with less resources expended with more work being completed on time.

The execution of quality content should be considered a strategic benefit. From the perspective cost this means that you will be better off spending some extra time today to make sure that things are done carefully. You will be saving your online business some hours of effort that will be necessary to have some problem resolved the next day. However, it’s also better to do some things carefully from the perspective of sales. The quality of your website presence with consistent, complete, and correct information will support the value your future brand and your sales.

The only alternative to quality content may well be an easier, faster, or less expensive solution in the short term, but it will cost you even more in the future. It is easy to say save now and pay later, but the short term cost savings in the world of quality content are frequently visible, while the frequently indirect costs of producing quality content are hidden and distributed over other parts of your online business only to be incurred on at later time which may be it in a month or in a year. This makes quality content one of the most important assets for any online business improvement program that will provide future benefits but require the costs to be expended up front.


SEO Companies

Article by Rod Bradley
Jan 17, 2013

There are a considerable number of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies on the Internet who claim to have the ability to provide the best possible SEO services. The SEO industry is literally saturated with these SEO companies. However, there can be a considerable difference between the actual results and what that promise to deliver. Your online business depends on an SEO company that has a reputable and extensive and reputable method performing SEO services. It is not only important to your online business to ensure a lasting reputation but also for the financial success of your online business. You certainly don’t want to use an SEO company that doesn’t produce results because the livelihood of your online business depends on you hiring the best SEO Company. In addition, if the SEO Company that you hire isn’t producing optimal results you will be wasting valuable advertising money. You want an SEO Company that will improve your website’s rankings with the major search engines.

There are many different aspects to consider when selecting an SEO Company. The first aspect to consider is determining if the SEO Company is ethical. It the SEO Company isn’t ethical, there is no reason to believe that they will treat you, or your online business fairly. The SEO Company that you select needs to abide by the parameters and guidelines that are determined by Google and the other major search engines. Another aspect to consider is if the SEO Company that you select will outsource your work or provide the services in house. Those SEO companies who provide their services in house provide optimal transparency and quality whereas those SEO companies who outsource you work overseas won’t. Therefore, you certainly want an SEO Company who will provide your services in house. The last aspect to consider is services based on software as opposed to human capital. You want an SEO Company that doesn’t provide services based on software but is based on human. You simply don’t want to software to automatically generate search engine rankings.

LinkHelpers is dedicated to providing successful social media marking and other SEO services. All online business SEO must have unique marketing strategies. At LinkHelpers, we provide strategic social media marketing strategies to improve the rankings of your online business in the search engines, and custom SEO link building strategies. We have a team of social media experts and SEO professionals who are dedicated to demonstrating accountable, building customer relationships, and providing effective SEO strategies.

In this economy, we know that it is extremely important visibility is for the growth of your online business. We can help your online business with all of your SEO requirements, regardless if you need on page optimization or you need to develop and diversify your portfolio of backlinks. We can help your online business become ranked at the top of the webpages on all of the major search engines such as Google.

At LinkHelpers, we have a team of SEO professionals who will use scientific methods to provide your online business with a presence on the first page of all of the major search engines. Your online business will receive additional customers and potential customers through our extensive SEO experience with the optimization of your business’ website. There are numerous SEO Companies who claim to provide the very best services. However, there is a large difference between actual results and what they claim.


SERP Patterns

Article by Steve Mapúa
Dec 2, 2001

Exact Search Phrase Match

Search engines will always try to return the exact phrase first. Is this phrase in your content?

All Words in Search Phrase

Search engines will then try to return pages that have every word in the search phrase next. Are your target keywords present in your content?

Some words in Search Phrase

This is the Hail Mary return or filler. sometimes folks just search for the weirdest things.

Searcher’s Anxiety

When a person sees millions of pages matching their keyword search, their anxiety immediatly spikes. This fuels impatience and results in users hardly ever going past page 1.

Where are you?

Are you on page 1 for your keywords? If not, call one of our Agents to help you.


What is Popularity

Article by Steve Mapúa
Dec 2, 2001

In The Begining

It was customary to have the “obligatory” links page. This was part of the illusory “web” concept that there was no “end” to the internet. People simply provided links to sites they felt offered valuable information. This heuristic provides the foundation that link popularity is based on. If a site offers valuable information, then people will link to it.

Related Sites, How it all Started

Savvy webmasters figured that if their site was a vacation destination, other websites for the same destination would drive traffic to their site. These were the beginings of relevant linking. Someone traveling to Hawaii, would be searching for hotels, activities, shopping, services, etc. Providing this information was a value plus for visitors. Cooperative marketing was a win-win situation. Cross-linking as it was called then was a great way to boost traffic. This was long before Google or any of the modern day SEs decided consider relevant linking.

What Happened Here?

Link popularity created a monster, a whole industry of linking. Is it going away, I doubt it. I believe it is here to stay. I belive it is to the SE’s advantage that ranking requires popularity. They are after all advertising platforms. However, lets not forget the basic tenets outlined above. Link trades with related sites offer value to your clients. They are a way of generating traffic. PageRank boosts benefit both sides and is a win-win situation for all.


What is Relevance

Article by Steve Mapúa
Dec 2, 2001

Search Engines (SE) Will Always Try to Return Something

Search engines can not return nothing. By virtue of their business model, they have to return valid results. Often refered to as Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If users don’t find what they are looking for they will change their query, or in frustration go to a different search engine. What this means is Search Engines not only have a moral imperative but a business survival impetus to provide valid results.

What is the Algorithm?

Note that SEs use the term index when discussing their ranking algorithm. Recall the index card system when you were doing your research in the library? The same construct is used to index webpages and determine relevance. Was the book name relevant (title tag)? Was the synopsis what you were looking for (meta description)? Were the keywords relevant (meta keywords)? Did the chapters cover the information you were searching (h1 to h5 tags)? Did the content of the book have the keywords?

You are the Librarian

Back then, it was the librarian’s job to provide the index information and make sure it was accurate. Today SEs look at your pages much the same way a librarian does. You are your website’s librarian for the search engines. Provide the proper information so your pages can be indexed precisely. Don’t use deceptive tags, be accurate. Don’t use keywords in meta tags that don’t exist in your page. Don’t stuff keywords in your tags and content.

Good Content Always Wins

Today, it is your job to provide value when constructing your web pages. Valuable content will always rank well. Don’t write exclusively for the SEs, write for your viewers. By giving them value, your pages will rank well and will weather any storm.

What can I do?

Know your company, know your market, know your competition, know your product or service and most importantly, know yourself. Provide value to your viewers. Write content that is informative and interesting. Give your viewers a compelling reason to drill into your site. Don’t practice black arts when optimizing your site. This will eventually come back to bite you. In this day and age where businesses live or die based on SERPs, creating a value oriented website is the best insurance for longevity.