SEO Companies

Article by Rod Bradley Jan 17, 2013 There are a considerable number of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies on the Internet who claim to have the ability to provide the best possible SEO services. The SEO industry is literally saturated with these SEO companies. However, there can be a considerable difference between the actual results […]


Article by Rod Bradley Jan 17, 2013 PageRank was actually named after Larry Page who is an Internet entrepreneur and American computer scientist as well as the chief executive officer and cofounder of Google. Anyone who is involved in Internet marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knows that PageRank is one of the most important […]

Original Content

Article by Rod Bradley Jan 17, 2013 There are many different reasons that you shouldn’t duplicate your content. One of these reasons is that you run the risk if infringing on copyright laws if you duplicate content from another website without the consent of the author. You should ensure that you contact the original author […]

Natural Patterns

Article by Rod Bradley Jan 17, 2013 The natural pattern of linking is based on a mathematical function known as the set theory. Set theory describes some very intuitive and fundamental ideas about how items or objects fit together in a group. Set theory is based on the function that all sets of items or […]

Major Search Engines

Article by Rod Bradley Jan 17, 2013 Having their website listed of the first pages of all of the major search engines, such as Yahoo, Bing, AOL, MSN, and especially Google is the primary objective for most people on the Internet. The reason for this is simple. More people want to use a service, not […]

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